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Germany is facing a stormy night

Beyond Germany it throws a heavy storm into the night on Monday. The German meteorological service warns of gusts of storms, falling trees and thunderstorms. The German course also warns of possible problems in advance.

Much of Germany faces a stormy night. The reason is "Mortimer", a small minimum, "which is quite fast on the road and should not be underestimated", announced the German meteorological service (DWD) on Sunday in Offenbach. "It only takes a few hours to move from the British Isles across the North Sea to Denmark and the Baltic Sea, so that Germany arrives exactly in its storm field, which is on the south and south-west flank of the bottom."

Late in the evening and in the first half of the night, the focus was on the west and south of Germany. Early Monday morning, the wind on the North Sea is sharpening. According to forecasts, the strongest gusts will move north to north-east and east of Germany, where they will continue until the afternoon.

With the departure of "Mortimer" to the east, the wind weakened rapidly from the west. There will be almost no sense of the storm on Monday morning – apart from any damage, it was said by the DWD. The German course had already issued a warning for the entire federal territory on Sunday afternoon.

The DWD has seen potential dangers for two reasons. On the one hand, local thunderstorms could occur and lead to gusts even in the storm-like area (from 90 to 110 km / h). On the other hand, the trees are still completely leafy and therefore offer a large attack surface to the wind, so that they can overturn even at not so high wind speeds.