Gülcan Kamps: He had to register the bacon rolls - people 2

Gülcan Kamps: He had to register the bacon rolls – people

With his big mouth he confused the Viva music station from 2003 to 2010.

But some statements about his body have also rendered the otherwise so eloquent presenter Gülcan Kamps (37 today) speechless: "Is it okay if we hide your bacon rolls at the waist with Gaffa ribbon?"

These and other comments like "Your butt is unfortunately too big for the dress", "The jeans won't fit you in the hips, sorry" and "You're too small for that" according to Gülcan were everyday life in front of the camera ! Using the tape, their "bacon rolls" should be glued, so that the "photographer will not touch up" later.

Now Gülcan counts on its Instagram profile with the TV industry.

"Dear ones, today I can laugh about it. But when you hear these phrases from photographers and stylists in their mid-20s, and as young adults themselves they don't know where to go, such statements are totally offensive."

And Gülcan also notes that these comments are obviously not only for people in the public domain: "I am sure you received feedback from other people, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances about your appearance quite often (not required), that did not make you anymore happy. "

The most important thing is not to compare yourself with other people, stay authentic, set goals and keep fighting – even if not everything works as you would have liked.

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Gülcan 2005 at the time of VivaPhoto: Peter Bischoff / Getty Images