Amoklage in Halle an der Saale: what we know, what we don't know 2

Amoklage in Halle an der Saale: what we know, what we don't know

After the fatal shootings of two people in Halle an der Saale, Mayor Bernd Wiegand speaks of an "amok situation". All emergency services are on alert, the police are on a full-scale service and special forces in the city of 240,000 inhabitants in Saxony-Anhalt in use.

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The authorities warn against speculation about the events in Halle, many things are not yet clear, but others are safe. the star summarizes the results so far. (The item will be updated continuously.)

What we know about the situation in Halle an der Saale

  • The police informed at 12:48 that several people were killed in Halle an der Saale and the perpetrators are on the run.
  • Meanwhile, two deaths have been confirmed. Several blows have fallen, then the authorities. The victims are a man and a woman. One of the victims was on the road 30 meters from the Halles synagogue.
  • The authors fled the results of investigators with the machine.
  • At 1.44 pm the police reported the arrest of a suspect.
  • The population of Halle an der Saale was rescued.
  • Landsberg, located about 15 kilometers from Halle, was also warned of the use of firearms and according to journalists the police are operating there on a large scale.
  • The accident occurs during the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur near the synagogue in Halle.
  • The federal government was appalled by the fatal blows. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert spoke of "terrible news".
  • The mayor of Halle, Bernd Wiegand, called a staff for extraordinary events after the fatal shots in the city. Wiegand said in a statement of an "amoklage".
  • The central station of Halle has been closed.
  • The federal prosecutor took over the investigation.

The places of action

Hall and surroundings

The places of action:

In the hall Shots were fired near the synagogue and the Jewish cemetery, about 650 meters away from a doner kebab (top of the map).

Still about 15 kilometers from Landsberg distant Halle the shots were fired (lower section of the map, marked in red)

What we don't know for sure

  • The identity of the dead is not yet known.
  • Who is the arrest, the police has not yet said.
  • It is also unclear whether and how many authors are still on the run.
  • The police did not provide any background information on the crime and a possible anti-Semitic background to the shooting. This is part of the survey.
  • Even to arm the authors, there is still no secure information.
  • Police protection for several synagogues in Germany has been strengthened.

sources: Halle Police Inspectorate (Saale), DPA and AFP press agencies