Bavaria: Tenant Association collects signatures for referendums 2

Bavaria: Tenant Association collects signatures for referendums

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    DMB Tenants Association Munich / Sebastian Krawczyk

    Beatrix Zurek is president of the Mietervereins München. He is an SPD member, a lawyer and heads the Department of Education and Sports of the Bavarian state capital.

Good king News: Mrs. Zurek, why are you asking for a break in rent in Bavaria?

Zurek: Rents have developed in recent years so that they are no longer acceptable to many people. Despite the brake on the rental price. In the rental market we have entered a state of emergency and we must react to this.

Good king News: Is the state of emergency not a little high?

Zurek: We have prices of 20 euros or 30 euros per square meter. We have situations where middle-income people spend 50% of their money on rent. Or don't find an apartment.

Good king News: Why now?

Zurek: The question can be justified and you can sniff your nose, because you didn't get to the idea first. So far we have always focused only on the civil part, in particular on the struggle of individual tenants against increases by the owner. According to the reports that existed during the Berlin Mietendeckel, but we came across it, we should proceed under public law.

Good king News: What are your key requests?

Zurek: We would like to ensure that rents are limited for six years and in 162 communities. This means that if someone has agreed to rent, at least it should not go up. But we have an exception for the right hosts: those who have not pushed to the limit, can increase up to 80% of local rentals.

Good king News: The Bavarian Minister of Justice, Georg Eisenreich, called this request in an interview with "Abendzeitung" as populism. Are you a populist?

Zurek: No, I am a lobbyist for tenants and in this case I agree with Mr Eisenreich. And I also know that he says that a rental coverage would be unconstitutional. He doesn't even know our account, but he already knows he's unconstitutional?

Good king News: At the beginning you spoke of an emergency. Why do you think the state of Bavaria can intervene?

Zurek: Because of article 106 of the Bavarian constitution. This is, so to speak, the basis of the authorization for the possibility of establishing state-level regulations that fall within the field of public law.

Good king News: This article states that every resident in Bavaria has the right to adequate housing. What does "appropriate" mean?

Zurek: This is obviously a legal term that requires interpretation. It means appropriately enough space for personal development, both in terms of size and costs.

Good king News: When you presented a bill in late July, it was said that the Munich SPD was already among the supporters. In the meantime, have you found other companions?

Zurek: Yes, we have a sponsor group which consists of the "speculated" citizens' initiative, the DGB of the Munich region, the Bavarian SPD, the Munich SPD, the left-wing regional association and Bavarian tenant associations. And there is also a circle of supporters, including the Greens in Bavaria and Munich, the ödp and the VdK Bayern social association.

Good king News: The CSU had no desire?

Zurek: No, they didn't care. But we also asked you for the flight service period.

Good king News: 25,000 signatures are required to apply for admission. And then, within 14 days, almost a million adults living in Bavaria should sign. How do you evaluate the chances of success?

Zurek: I hope and believe that we receive more than 25,000 signatures. If someone else complains to me, he pays too much, so I don't know. If I can say it so superficially: everyone must also raise their ass.

Good king News: And if the referendum were not allowed despite the 25,000 signatures, why does the state government consider it unconstitutional?

Zurek: This should then certify and prove right then. If the state government does not allow the referendum, it goes directly to the Bavarian Constitutional Court. And then he has to decide if the government is right.

Good king News: It doesn't look like a quick fix.

Zurek: No, we should complain. But this is also an affirmation.

Good king News: Do you not give the tenants false hope?

Zurek: No, we do not say that the problem has been solved. We try to find a solution. Writing just letters to the Bavarian state parliament is not enough for us.

Good king News: Do you hope other federal states take a model?

Zurek: Yes, that would be nice. And I hope for programs and decisions at the state and federal level in terms of tenants. For these six years the rent should be there. So that politics begins.

Good king News: What happens after six years?

Zurek: I hope something happens within six years. And if not, you will have to analyze the situation and if there is still a discrepancy, you will have to extend the law.

Good king News: If you were a landlord, would you quickly increase the rents?

Zurek: No, because now I need a rent that would be reasonable. Whoever raises now has no full neck.

Good king News: But don't you think that still many owners would quickly increase rents? To the detriment of the tenants.

Zurek: There is a limit, this is the local comparative rent. And if some still want to take advantage of this area, then they do it. But I don't think it's national. Because there are still reasonable people who rent.

Good king News: Suppose they mobilize enough people. What do you think, how would the state government react? Do you accept the referendum or allow it to reach a referendum?

Zurek: I would advise you to accept it, because I believe that the referendum would be positive.

Good king News: But in Bavaria there are also many wealthy people with properties.

Zurek: Less than you think. But if, as a state government, you claim to take its citizens seriously and you have a million people in favor, then you have to explain why the people who are involved with the bees are not taken seriously and the people who are interested in the tenants do not I am ,

Good king News: Under the motto "Save the bees" a successful referendum was held in Bavaria at the beginning of this year. What are the similarities between bees and tenants?

Zurek: Perhaps these are species that some have lost sight of.

Good king News: And maybe both are a little threatened.

Zurek: Yes, where the tenant does not die, but only the apartment.