"Become fatter and thicker": Ashley Graham recovers naked 2

"Become fatter and thicker": Ashley Graham recovers naked


Ashley Graham shows her fans how her body changes during pregnancy.

(Photo: Charles Sykes / Invision / AP)

During pregnancy, the body changes. This is not always convenient, but it is inevitable. Ashley Graham knows this and is striving to be happy. On Instagram he shares a video that shows her naked and in the foreground.

When a person grows up in another person, you see her and Ashley Graham also sees the changes. On Instagram, the pregnant model shared a very interesting analysis of this fact. The fewer mothers would probably imitate him.

"I'm getting fatter all the time, trying every day to enjoy my new body," writes Graham on Instagram. And obviously it belongs to this process, not only to consider oneself from all imaginable angles, but also to cling to what has been seen for posterity. So Graham released a short video showing a wild tracking shot on his naked body.

For the music and the Graham glitter filter films his body – some stretch marks here, a little bit of bacon there. In the end, the 31-year-old smiles broadly at the camera. "It's a journey," he adds about his body. "I'm so grateful to have so much support.

Flowered with the baby's belly

Graham is currently pregnant with his first child. In how many months Graham is not known. She and her husband Justin Ervin announced the pregnancy in mid-August. If they followed the three-month rule, it is possible that the couple's fans still have to wait until the end of February for the celebrity offspring.

So far, Graham has only been partially limited in her pregnancy, she has really prospered. Recently, he impressed his fans with a video that shows his sovereign strength training with the belly.