eSport instead of Bundesliga? "Football can not turn the wheel around" - FOOTBALL 2

eSport instead of Bundesliga? "Football can not turn the wheel around" – FOOTBALL

Football has to fight for young fans on digital platforms. They threaten to migrate. SPORT Good king News has commissioned sports marketing expert Torsten Vennemann (43) from Nielsen Sports, a consulting and consulting company.

SPORT Good king News: Mr Vennemann, how important is Generation Z for sport and especially for the Bundesliga?
Torsten Vennemann (43): very essential. I would not only refer this to Generation Z (born in 1996, died in red), but also to Y (1981 to 1996), as they represent the target groups of today and tomorrow for all concerned: LDF, clubs, media companies, sponsors.

How does the behavior of the young generation's consumers in the Bundesliga differ from that of the baby boomers (1946 to 1964)?
It's very different in that the youngest do not expect to see when the content is made available to them. They are no longer based on the program journal: "At 18 hours, the sports show is underway, so I have to sit in front of the linear TV." But they want to decide for themselves, to look at what interests them, if they want it. This content must be flexible for all types of terminals and, at most, provide digital platforms to express opinions, discuss with others and adopt a certain attitude.

Seifert, the head of the DFL, warns that Generation Z is facing alternative offers from YouTube, Netflix and other competitors. Well Named?
The danger is there. If the younger generation expects the content to be available when it wishes, this is only possible to a limited extent in the Bundesliga because there is a framework calendar with striking hours. fixed send for live matches. This in turn clearly differentiates, for example, fictional content such as movies or series, and is an essential part of the business case for media partners such as Sky or DAZN. But Christian Seifert not only talks about the mass of information and videos available on YouTube, but also the very large number of different content and entertainment formats or streaming volumes, as in the online sport sector . ,

Liverpool director Peter Moore said, "It's getting harder and harder to keep the millennials on the couch for 90 minutes." Because people born in the millennial generation love it, which means "content to nibble", according to the technical term?
Absolutely right. The first step is to draw attention to yourself and your content during the limited leisure time and taking into account the multitude of entertainment possibilities, then to inspire these target groups as long and as well as often as possible. To answer the quote above: the LDF will certainly not change the rules and let play only 2×5 minutes. This is to provide the game live, especially a digitally recoverable content, short, net, interesting and relevant to the respective target groups.

Other sports such as basketball, tennis or golf create new formats for a younger audience. Is football lacking in this creativity?
These are in my opinion foothills, these sports persist in their original form. But that seems to work and is partly good, as shown by the Big3 basketball format in the United States. Even football has foothills like futsal or beach soccer. And there have been rule changes within 2×45 minutes, such as the introduction of the 3-point rule for more offensive football or the back-pass rule for more dynamism in the game. For the foreseeable future, I see nothing change in 2×45 minutes. It is therefore difficult to link younger generations 90 minutes at a time.

Especially since football has introduced useless new competitions such as the League of Nations and wants to inflate existing competitions such as the club World Cup or the World Cup. Is this supersaturation useful for the Z gene?
I doubt that younger generations are more or less affected by the same formats, with different names and colors. Football must be careful not to go beyond the wheel to achieve monetary goals and to move away from the hard core of football fans.

What would be the alternative?
DFL, clubs and media partners need to know exactly what is best for me as a brand and what topics I can use and add to my target audience, to prevent them from clicking with the mouse on other elements of the music / entertainment segment, in the In my opinion, it is essential to fully understand the target group by acting beyond demographics such as age, sex or income, behaviors and attitudes in areas such as media use, consumer behavior or sponsorship. Based on these segmentations, ie the formation of some similar groups, as a league or club, I can optimize the supporters' speeches and the underlying marketing efforts in areas such as ticketing, merchandising or sponsorship.

How to prevent the threat of Z gene emigration?
In my opinion, the DFL should not fragment too much the day of the match, as do the English and the Spaniards in all efforts of growth and internationalization. Otherwise, fans will end up feeling lost between all the appointments. And rights buyers should offer flexible models. I think the DAZN model is really good. It does not take me more than three minutes to get into a very simple online process. The live game will be available immediately. And I can stop after a month, if I want.

What's still good with Gen Z?
What I also like: The cooperation recently concluded between Sky and Onefootball for the matches of the 2nd Bundesliga and the DFB Cup. Onefootball knows millions of app users its favorite club. Thus, they can be specifically addressed with information about their club. They are also asked via a push message: "Do you want to watch the match live now with the Sky ticket?" Then you can order this game for about four euros, like a movie on Amazon – just this game without any other contractual obligation. And they broadcast live within 20 seconds, even if they only command at 3:25 pm. So Onefootball brings the young target group to Sky. However, this flexibility also means knowing exactly what the customer wants. And do not put anything on him.

How could greater flexibility tie Bund Z more closely to the Bundesliga?
To follow the example that has just been mentioned: the NBA offers tickets for every quarter of the match. You can reserve the full game, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters, via OTT (online transmission of video and audio content, ie red.). If you do not have the time or the desire to watch the whole game, just book a bite. It would be interesting to know if this would prevail in the Bundesliga, if you could only book the 2nd half. If I can not do it at 3:30 pm, my club leads 2-0, but I have more interest in lighting it up at 4:15 pm, as well as it was at 0: 5 late. My thesis: He is less interested in more things and less interested in very intense things. If the decrease in intensity means that Generation Z no longer watches a party for 90 minutes at a time, but only 45 minutes, the offer would be interesting.