Football: cockiness rarely does well 2

Football: cockiness rarely does well

It is not new that emotions are bubbling regularly on the football field, because virtually no sport is emotionally so emotional. As recently as the local derby between Mayrhofen and Hippach took place in the Hippach Lindenstadion, there were ugly scenes and verbal attacks, culminating in the fact that they threw the sponsor of Mayrhofen's team. with fictitious money. The spectators apparently left the stage prematurely, as the tone of the conversation intensified to such an extent that it was simply unbearable for some. Who, perhaps even with the family, goes to the football field to have a good time and cheer for his team, never needs such scenes. Since both teams play in the East Tyrolean National League and that it is not the victory of the World Cup, we can do without such a team. aggression without delay. Who goes to the frustration facing the football field, should stay at home better, because arrogance rarely does well.

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