Halle on the Saale: the amok situation in Saxony-Anhalt at a glance 2

Halle on the Saale: the amok situation in Saxony-Anhalt at a glance

The heavily armed culprits killed two people in the middle of Halle / Saale and fled. The city of Halle spoke on Wednesday of an "amoklage". One victim was in a synagogue, the second was no secure information. A culprit is said to have shot at a nearby kebab snack, as reported by several eyewitnesses. The area around the bar – about 600 meters from the synagogue – was closed.

The city has invited people everywhere in Halle to stay safe in buildings. The attorney general initiated the investigation. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior also stated in Berlin that the facts are not yet known. The police warned against speculation. A police spokesman told Spiegel that a man had been killed in a snack. The other victim near the synagogue is a woman. At the request of the DPA, the police did not want to officially say anything to the victims at the beginning, either about sex or where they were found.

Eyewitnesses in Halle reported a culprit who is said to have worn a combat suit and a submachine gun. As a result, there should have been an explosion in a cemetery. Police said several gunmen were fleeing with a car. In the early afternoon, the police denounced the arrest of a person without giving details. "Be careful," the police tweeted. The area in the Paulusviertel of Halle was closed on a large scale. A police helicopter flew in circles over the city.

Halle an der Saale: emergency services of the alert fire brigade

The "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung" of Halle showed a picture of a man dressed in black with a helmet and boots holding a rifle. The MDR showed a video in which perhaps the same man comes out of a car and shoots his weapon several times. The city declared in the early afternoon: "Mayor Dr. Bernd Wiegand has called staff for extraordinary events in relation to a friendly situation". All firefighter rescuers were put on alert.

From noon the police withdrew all available forces in Saxony-Anhalt and transferred them to Halle. Still in Landsberg, about 15 kilometers east of Halle. There were shots, a police spokeswoman in Halle confirmed. People shouldn't leave buildings and apartments here, he said. In neighboring Leipzig, the police strengthened their forces in front of the synagogue. Even in front of the Dresden synagogue the protection was increased according to the police. In other German cities, protection has been strengthened accordingly. The Halle train station was closed due to police investigations. The company announced via Twitter. There are delays.

Cem Özdemir: "I am shocked and sad"

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in Berlin that the federal government hopes the author or authors will be caught quickly. The thoughts went "to the friends and families of the dead," he said. The green politician Cem Özdemir tweeted: "Terrible news from Halle, today on the Jewish reconciliation Yom Kippur Day, I am shaken and sad". He wished all the wounded and loved ones a lot of strength and thanked the task forces.

Left parliamentary leader Dietmar Bartsch wrote on Twitter: "During the highest Jewish holiday, an attack on Jewish life in Germany – disgusting! Anti-Semitism may not have a millimeter in our society AfD group leader Alice Weidel he tweeted: "My thoughts are with the victims and their families. I hope the police will quickly capture the author without harming other people. "