"You have to do what I say": Schweighöfer reveals who has the pants 2

"You have to do what I say": Schweighöfer reveals who has the pants

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<p class=Matthias Schweighöfer also creates something his girlfriend wants.

(Photo: imago images / MediaPunch)

With pairs on Instagram, this is one thing. On the one hand you would like to play with mice, from the other you quickly turn your eyes. Matthias Schweighöfer and Ruby O. Fee are only exploring their limits.

For many stars and asterisks, Instagram is a platform you want to be as perfect as possible. This obviously does not apply to Ruby O. Fee – or at least not always. Your partner Matthias Schweighöfer has now published a snapshot of his girlfriend, who shows her with a deliberately rather unfavorable grimace, including a powerful double chin.

Is this new authenticity now supposedly creeping into social media? One way or another: thanks to the caption, the photo looks deep. In addition to the picture, 38-year-old Schweighöfer published the dialogue between him and his 23-year-old girlfriend just before the camera was released.

The relationship is so strange

"She: & # 39; Please, take a picture, it's true! & # 39; I:" I think it's not a good idea "" must be read. And again: "You: Do you want to fight? I:" Um … what? "She:" Listen, we must not argue, you just have to do what I tell you. "Me:" Okay ". And here is the masterpiece". The post he decorated with unusually long relationships with hashtag # lustful dysokomischsein and, of course, a connection with his lady of the heart.

Calling us strange and then writhing is not a new concept. In that case, the technique used provides an indication of how the couple likes to be seen: fun and playful – and of course completely down to earth. A few weeks ago, Fee had cut her hair, now she had been allowed to give him instructions. Let's see what follows later.