By cancer to happiness 2

By cancer to happiness

Kitzingen She was 49 years old when she felt a mass in her right breast. It is an aggressive form of breast cancer, a rapidly growing carcinoma with lymph node involvement. Martina Weltner performed breast conservation. During his career in the pharmaceutical sales force, Albertshöferin had acquired a thorough knowledge of private practice systems, clinics, the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine. After the operation, she refused chemotherapy, to which the doctors advised her. Instead, she used alternative healing methods. After one year, the tumor burst again, more violent than the first time. Why she says today: "I do not want my life to come back to me from cancer," said the 56-year-old woman Saturday at the Women's Day in the Colony. In the interview, she talks about her moving and moving story.

Everyone is carrying cancer cells. Why does the disease occur in one person and not in another?

Martina Weltner: I think we're still focused on the body. Obviously, this is not the solution, otherwise we would not have to talk about the subject. I know for sure today: the spirit is above the body.

What do you mean?

It is important to be convinced of what you are doing. If I'm convinced of chemo, without the fear that would lead me to chemo, it would be a way – mine did not.

Why not The treatment options for cancer improve, right?

The old principle of conventional medicine on watering cans is poorly felt for me. Powerful chemotherapy, strong radiation, hormonal pills for five years – it scared me completely. I was wondering how good it is to poison my entire body, including healthy, intact cells, and drive my immune system to the wall, hoping to catch all the cancer cells. Some patients do not die directly from cancer cells, but because of the extended immune system on the ground, for example, they are removed by simple pneumonia. Missing quality of life during and after irradiation and chemo not to mention.

Did you think you could only treat aggressive breast cancer at one-third of the four possible stages using alternative methods?

No, not only But too. I had opted for surgical removal of the tumor. But I had that visceral feeling that said: conventional medicine is not yours, it always stays in the physical. I did not want chemotherapy. Instead, I went looking for alternatives that suit my whole being.

Normally, there is not much time between surgery and the start of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Yes, and it was very stressful for me. Immediately after the operation, chemotherapy should take place. It was a great mental pressure that, fortunately, I did not give myself. Instead, I spent several weeks in a traditional Chinese medicine clinic and an immunobiological therapy clinic. I did yoga, sound meditation and relaxation exercises, followed by homeopathic treatments and high-dose infusion treatments. In Sri Lanka, I lived with a shaman and I had a glimpse of the teachings of Buddhist meditation. I have also trained my consciousness with a primitive people in the Himalayas.

Despite everything: the cancer came back, one year after the first illness. Was alternative medicine a bad decision?

No, certainly not. I believe that everyone must follow his own path of recovery. But how do you know how it goes, if you do not know the alternative options, but only one side of the coin? You need time to choose what's right for you from a wide range of possibilities – but you do not have time to do it because of your fear and confusion. That is why it is a matter of heart to talk about it.

Looking back, would you do something different?

Ask me what I learned from my medical history. Today, I am very grateful to God for sending me cancer number 2. After cancer number 1, I wanted to convert every affected woman to no longer chemotherapy, but to rely exclusively on alternative healing methods. Today, I know it was wrong. Everyone must follow his own path without being guided by fear.

What was your path to relapse?

I had all the breast removed and immediately rebuilt. It was a heavy and difficult operation, but the result is excellent and makes me happy so far. At that time, I also followed the advice of the Munich Tumor Committee and associated an irradiation to the operating room. Since 2014, I am without cancer.

How did your life change after the illness?

I was a career woman who did not pay attention to her diet and endured all kinds of stress. Today, I live in an isolated peace on a mountain in the west of Ireland. It has become very clear to me in what dilemma many people are now. I receive many German visitors who are no longer able to bear the burden of everyday life. Almost all have their own cancer – not necessarily tumors, but physical ailments, burnout, depression or hopelessness after the loss of a loved one. In the nature of the green island, you can find peace and tranquility. And for you.

Do not really expect your life past, life before cancer?

No! If people say that cancer is a stroke of fate, then I say, yes, fate kills you. But I do not see it as a coup de grace, but rather as a boost in the right direction, as a course correction to put me on the right track. The disease offers an incredible opportunity to reorganize one's life, to see the essence and to find the values ​​that are really important to you. You just have to recognize the opportunity. And accept

Women's Day in Kitzingen

Christina Dümler-Karwath, teacher of femininity, invites on Saturday, October 12, the third day of the woman in the center of the district of Kitzingen-Siedlung. The beginning is at 2 pm, the motto is: "I was, I am, I am going, I will live with cancer". The program includes various information islands and conferences, such as those of Martina Weltner ("I do not want my life back to me from cancer") and gynecologist Kerstin Zupaniec-Weichert ("Cancer diagnosis – that then -I do?"). Tattoo artist Andy Engel talks about the possibilities of nipple reconstruction. Eva Maria Klöhr, autogenic coach and relaxation, will dance with Veronika Duckenbrod and an exhibition by Claire Huang. The price of entry is 12.50 euros.