Halle: Stephan Balliet in search of Jews - Shame Day for Germany - Internal politics 2

Halle: Stephan Balliet in search of Jews – Shame Day for Germany – Internal politics

He put on his combat suit and storm mask, he wore a steel helmet. Packed a rifle, turned rifle and explosives into a rented VW Golf. Then the neonazi Stephan Balliet (27) went to the Paulusviertel of Halle, to the synagogue of the Jewish community (700 members).


Wednesday is Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish festival. Up to 80 parishioners are on duty while the mask man approaches the synagogue.

<img class = "foto ondemand zoomable" src = "https://bilder.Good king News/fotos-skaliert/neonazi-stephan-balliet-27-feuert-im-halleschen-paulusviertel-wahllos-auf-fluechtende-menschen- 201256894-65249014 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0.picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" Neo-Nazi Stephan Balliet (27) shoots indiscriminately at the escape of people in Halle's Paulusviertel "data-zoom-title = "Neo-Nazi Stephan Balliet (27) shoots randomly in the Halle Paulusviertel on fleeing people


"data-zoom-src =" https://bilder.Good king News/fotos/neonazi-stephan-balliet-27-feuert-im-halleschen-paulusviertel-wahllos-auf-fluechtende-menschen-201256894-65249014/Good king News/ 1.bild.jpg "/>

The neo-Nazi Stephan Balliet (27) fires indiscriminately at the flight of people into the Paulusviertel in HallePhoto: ANDREAS SPLETT / AFP

Horror: On his helmet, he installed a camera, with which he broadcasts his murders live on the Internet.

As in the terrorist attack in Christchurch last March: right-wing terrorist Brenton Tarrant killed 51 people, wounded 50 others and filmed everything live.

At the beginning of the recording Balliet addresses his viewers on the Internet in English.

In a deluded neo-Nazi language, he says: "Hi, my name is Anon and I think the Holocaust never happened." And "The root of all these problems is the Jew".

A typical set of Holocaust deniers.

Then the neo-Nazi exits the car at noon in front of the synagogue, throws an explosive device on the cemetery wall, but does not fire. A passerby arrives, the camera films. Balliet talks about the rifle and the combat equipment.

Halle: Stephan Balliet in search of Jews - Shame Day for Germany - Internal politics 3

The right-wing killer had prepared himself with a bag full of ammunition and explosives for his deed

The terrorist immediately opens fire, the woman collapses dead!

Then try to invade the church, shooting in vain at the door. It is pure luck that his plan fails: the security measures at the entrance "resisted the attack", says Max Privorozki, president of the Jewish community, following Good king News.

Cursing, Balliet finally gets back in the car. The radio is confused, it continues to drive until it sees a snack.

"Kebab, let's take it," he comments coolly. Then he launches an explosive device, goes to the snack bar. Guests flee, two painters hide behind a refrigerator for drinks. One cries, repeatedly calling for "No!" The killer replies, "Shut up!" And shoot.

He wants to kill many more people, but his weapon seems to be blocked. In the video you can hear how the terrorist curses, again and again you hear a click. He leaves the shop, returns to the car, drives a few meters, exits, shoots again.

Map / Map: attacks and deadly blows in Saxony-Anhalt (Halle, Landsberg) - infographic

Eventually he returns to the kebab shop.

There he realizes that his second victim is still alive – and shoots the man several times, until he considers him dead.

The resident Kevin von Breitenbauch (29) saw the murderer: "He left the doner shop, he is in the car, he entered, he wanted to go. That was when the first police patrol arrived. He then got out of the car."

Calmly, "like a soldier", the shooter launches himself with his rifle, apparently equipped with special ammunition. Shoot four times, charge, shoot. In the end, the witness says, he returns to the Gulf and flees. In the video, the frozen assassin moans: "All weapons have failed!"

▶ 10 13:10: police report that two people were killed in Halle.

▶ .15 13.15 clock: the police issued a danger message to Landsberg, the place is located about 15 kilometers from the synagogue: "Firearms use in the Landsberg area, buildings and apartments not left".

Ad Halle is a big alarm. Because right now it's not clear that Balliet is a single culprit.

▶ 30 13.30: the assassin driving in front of a workshop in Landsberg (Saxony-Anhalt), Wiedersdorf district. He asks for a car. One of the three people on the site says, "We don't have one!" Balliet then indicates a taxi, which is located in front of the factory building: "Ce n & # 39; è uno".

An electrician joins: "You won't understand." Balliet reopens the fire! The electrician is seriously injured. It is not in mortal danger.

Balliet escapes by taxi in the A9 direction. At the Zeitz connection point he leaves the B 91 highway. In Werschen the offender is rammed in his taxi by a truck. So it comes. Balliet has a bullet wound.

<img class = "foto ondemand zoomable" src = "https://pictures.picture.com/photos-scaled/members-support-morning-slides-track-in-the-stalking-taxi-das-stephan-balliet- zur-flucht-nutzte-201256944-65249022 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" Investigators have secured evidence of the taxi stolen last night that Stephan Balliet used to escape data "-zoom-title =" Investigators ensure the traces of the taxi stolen Wednesday night, which Stephan Balliet used to run away

Photo: dpa

"data-zoom-src =" https://bilder.Good king News/fotos/ermittler-sichern-gestern-abend-spuren-an-dem-gestohlenenen-taxi-das-stephan-balliet-zur-flucht-nutzte- 201256944-65249022 / image / 1.bild.jpg "/>

Investigators assure that on Wednesday evening traces of the stolen taxi, Stephan Balliet used to escapePhoto: dpa

▶ 44 13:44: the police report on Twitter that they have arrested a person.

▶ 2 15.42: the attorney general takes the investigation. "There is sufficient evidence for a possible right-wing extremist crime background," a spokeswoman said.

▶ 11 16:11: the university hospital reports a second seriously injured by blows.

According to Good king News information, in the afternoon the authorities assume that Balliet is a single culprit. However, until evening hours they continue to look for possible accomplices.

Streaming platform: 2200 people watched the video

The neo-Nazi Stephan Balliet streamed his 35-minute videos on the "Twitch" streaming platform – according to the operator, five people watched the video live. Subsequently, around 2,200 people watched the recorded video before it was eliminated, "Twitch" said on Twitter.

The twitch account on which the video was shown was then opened about two months ago. The user had tried to stream a video only once before the attack.