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New texts by Marcel Proust have been published

Marcel Proust
Dutch National Archives / Wikimedia

In France today are unknown texts of Marcel
Proust (1871-1922) was published. Because it's also a question of homosexuality
is supposed to be the author of the famous cycle of romance "In Search of
wasted time "gave up the words of his lifetime
publish – even if, during his lifetime, it suits him
known for men.

The manuscripts were known for a long time – now they have been sorted and processed

On the appearance of the volume "The Mysterious Correspondent
and other new unedited "(" The mysterious correspondent and others
unpublished "), the literary world is waiting with tension.
The news and sketches were made some time ago by the founder of the publishing house, Bernard de
Fallois, a recognized expert of Proust.

He died in January 2018. In his will, he wrote that
stored seven boxes of Proust manuscripts in his archives. Dominique Goust, the
Nachlassverwalter de Fallois and his successor in the editor, then commissioned
French literary critic Luc Fraisse with manuscripts

Now the group, edited by Fraisse, is in the
find French bookshops. There are many indications that Proust
the texts now published originally for his first novel of 1896
"Pleasures and Days" wrote. He has about now published texts
written two or three years ago,
Goust explains. Proust was then about twenty years old and was still "very
sensitive ".

Why Proust did not publish the texts is not guaranteed

Proust does not have his contemporaries with the texts
The publisher is sure to be shocked. Why not in the novel too
According to Fraisse, there could be two reasons for this. The first possible
Reason: it was with the texts, which remained largely unfinished,

The second reason why the texts could have been in the anti – poison cabinet of the author: a lot of news deals with homosexuality. It could have embarrassed young Proust suspected Fraisse. After all, society was still very conservative in its day. Bernard de Fallois also suspected that Proust had not published the texts, because homosexuality would then become the main theme of his first novel.

According to the publisher, previously unknown texts of Proust are "a kind of diary" of the author, which he wrote under the "transparent mantle of fiction". Unlike "In Search of Lost Time", where there are always comic moments, the awareness of being gay is "felt only as a tragedy, a curse".