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Without clothes: the Biebers show their underpants

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<p class=Justin and Hailey Bieber are already working together.

(Photo: imago images / Matrix)

No doubt, they are the couple of the hour. Justin and Hailey Bieber decide with their marriage even a week after the celebrity titles. An underwear label is simply hooked up to the event: Calvin Klein hires the young couple for their slippers.

Everyone wanted to know: what was he wearing? But now that you know what Hailey Bieber was wearing when you walked to the altar, another question remains exciting: what was she wearing or wearing underneath? This may not be the most discreet of all questions, but it is one that you like to answer as a lingerie model. Since it makes perfect that both Biebers, so Hailey and her husband Justin, are both under contract with the Calvin Klein label. New photos of the campaign show the Biebers intimately entwined in their underwear.

"Campaign with my love," commented Hailey Bieber modestly a black and white photo on his Instagram account, which shows her in Justin Bieber's lap. Her hands are delicately placed on her hips, grabbing her – a little less subtle – on her bottom. Hach, here's com & # 39; is, the young love.

In lingerie in the 60's

Justin Bieber also posted a photo on Instagram showing him and his lady in a hat. Unlike his wife, Justin Bieber chose a color photograph and one in which the couple's underwear is color-coordinated.

The Biebers are part of a large-scale campaign for Calvin Klein's 50th anniversary. Also Hailey Bieber's colleague model Kendall Jenner and her ex-boyfriend, rapper ASAP Rocky, are among those present. The campaign video makes young beauties travel through the decades and so it happens that you can watch the Biebers watch the rocket launch as if they were the 60's again. Much sense does not necessarily mean that. But it already looks nice.