There are 12,000 BTC millionaires, follow more? 2

There are 12,000 BTC millionaires, follow more?

There are 12,000 BTC millionaires, follow more? 3

Bitcoin is something different for everyone. For some, it is a store of value, for others, it is more of a means of exchange or a means of protection against oppression or recession. But for the most part, it's a chance to make money, and some even hope to become a Bitcoin millionaire.

Many experts and investors see in Bitcoin an increased risk, but also a lot of potential. This gives the digital asset a very good risk / reward ratio. Recent figures show that Bitcoin has already transformed 12,000 people into millionaires, even billionaires.

Bitcoin has already created 12,000 millionaires

Bitcoin is only 10 years old and therefore still faces high volatility and the adoption of this new technology. Still, over a relatively short period, Kings Coin has always managed to increase its value and outperform virtually all other traditional assets.

Many of those who have recognized this trend over time have benefited from this asset creation. With nearly 36 million millionaires worldwide, Bitcoin has managed to create 12,000 millionaires, according to Coinmetrics figures. The graph looks like course during Bitcoin.

Bitcoin millionaires: The future is it even more buoyant?

Currently, the price of bitcoin ranges from $ 8,000 to $ 8,500. This bitcoin price requires around 120 Bitcoins to become part of the Bitcoin millionaires' elite group.

Of course, no one knows exactly in which direction the Bitcoin course will develop. But one thing is certain: many experts agree that Bitcoin could become a new global currency and fundamentally change the current financial system.

With such potential, it will be exciting to see how many Bitcoins you will need in the future to become a Bitcoin millionaire. Many predictions even go as far as predicting a price of $ 1 million for a single BTC. Until this happens, however, the digital asset must be the subject of much development and persuasion.

IMPORTANT: Although Bitcoin has produced millionaires, this does not guarantee that there will be more in the future. It is a highly volatile asset, so we recommend everyone to rely on extensive research. The dream of financial independence through Bitcoin does not have to come true. Much more should be asked why Bitcoin could be the future and invest with an appropriate, reasonable and prudent strategy.

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There are currently about 12,000 Bitcoin millionaires. Do you think the numbers will increase rapidly in the next few years or are you rather skeptical? Join our chat telegram and share with the experts and the community. In addition, subscribe to our news channel so you will not miss any news.

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