News: Syria, Donald Trump, China, Deutsche Bank, Andreas Scheuer, Book Fair 2

News: Syria, Donald Trump, China, Deutsche Bank, Andreas Scheuer, Book Fair

today we are dealing with Donald Trump's sanctions against Turkey in the Syrian crisis, with the investigative committee planned on the car toll and with gifts from Germany for Chinese officials.

The political groups are discussing
Commission on tolls

The car toll should serve the CSU as a blow to the electoral campaignBut Horst Seehofer and Co. completely blocked the project. The promised full-bodied toll will never arrive as it is, the European Court has stopped it. Now it will probably still be one commission of inquiry in the Bundestag give: this will bring the factions of the opposition FDP, Green and Left on the road today.

Even if it seems incredibly complicated, it's worth taking a closer look here. For CSU, this is an unprecedented embarrassment. This is not "Peanuts": in the department of transport of the department head Andreas Scheuer Many tricks have been done in the planning of the CSU toll. "The damage to taxpayers could be half a billion euros," writes my colleague Gerald Traufetter. The bill then goes to the management of the CSU, Franz Josef Strauss House, 80807 Munich. Thanks.

Trump's U-turn panic

After days of inactivity, great words and confusion at the White House, tried US President Donald Trump now panicked to correct his policy in Syria. Apparently, the massive indignation of many of his party friends over the President's solitary decision to allow the Turkish offensive in northern Syria takes effect. Trump imposed a series of sanctions on Turkey during the night and issued new punitive tariffs on Turkish steel. Also, vice president Mike Pence go to Turkey to attend the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Operating pressure. Erdogan should immediately stop his offensive and the brutal military action against the Kurds.

Of course, the US government is selling a turnaround as a well-considered and revolutionary decision by the president, but the truth is that Trump is somehow coming out of this self-inflicted misery face to face. One thing is certain: the mistake was made and the Kurds killed in recent days will not come back to life through Trump's sanctions.

Can Joe Biden defend his favorite role?

Democratic candidates for the upcoming US presidential election occur today in Ohio to another big one television debate on. Syria and Ukraine will be important issues. mostly Joe Biden should take the opportunity to attack President Trump abruptly. At the same time, he will have to ask questions about his son Hunter's business in China and Ukraine.

Will Biden defend his favorite role in the candidate field? mostly Elizabeth Warren, the left senator, is catching up in the polls. It benefits from an influx from the field of his friend Bernie Sanders, who is injured in health. Sanders wants to participate in the debate today, despite his recent heart problems.

Good king News Live at the Frankfurt Book Fair

The book fair starts in Frankfurt am Main. If you plan a visit, I recommend you, even on Good king News stand (Hall 3.0, D56) where to stop. Our editors invited more than 50 writers to talk to them about new autumn books, including Jo Nesbø and Jussi Adler Olsen, as well as Margit Auer, Doris Dörrie, Karen Köhler, Thomas Gottschalk, Elif Shafak, Terézia Mora, Juan Moreno, Jackie Thomae, Ulrich Tukur, Richard David Precht, Peter Wohlleben, Ulrich Wickert and the politician Muhterem Aras.

From Wednesday to Saturday, the day at the Good king News stand also starts at 10 am with a new event format: Bei "THE LOCATION live" The authors of our newsletter receive the live morning briefing at the book fair. Together with a guest each – Stephen Holmes, Wolfgang Schroeder, Armin Nassehi and Peter Maxwill – take a look at the day and discuss the most important news.

And this is still the case: on Saturday 19 October at 11am there will be a special event in the North Rhine-Westphalia Congress Center Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) and climate protection activist Luisa Neubauer with Good king News editor Annette Bruhns on the topic "climate crisis – How can we do justice to our work?" More information and the entire program are available here.

Loser of the day …

… is Deutsche Bank. According to a report by the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" and other media, after 2002 the bank relied for years on cash payments, gifts and other favors to ensnare the Chinese government and the managers of state-owned enterprises. So Beijing politicians received gifts like a crystal tiger for $ 15,000. But there were also precious red wines, TV or stereo. To expand its network of contacts in China, the German Bank has also hired more than 100 members of influential Chinese. That's how they call it after the ancient custom of the Federal Republic: the management of the political landscape.

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