Archeology in Germany: survey on the incursion 2

Archeology in Germany: survey on the incursion

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an engineer who developed a special app for outdoor enthusiasts. With the application you can load hiking trails on your smartphone, which allow a completely different view of nature.

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The three-dimensional surface profiles of the app are created from lidar data (Light Detection and Ranging) and show the landscape as it would appear without vegetation. For example, this technique, for which the soil is laser scanned on the ground, is used by geo-researchers to make flood forecasts. Data has been collected nationally in Germany and is even available for free download in some states.

The technology has an interesting side effect: archaeologists can use it to identify surface structures typical of the remains of old ramparts, paths or mounds. Digital aerial photos sometimes indicate previously unknown artifacts in the ground, traces under trees and bushes would be difficult to identify.

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The engineer also wanted to allow hikers with his app a new look at the environment. The Lidarkarten shows what is interesting to discover on the right and left of the path. Recently, he himself discovered a wall in the Eifel, which apparently was not yet known. He reported the discovery to the office responsible for the maintenance of earth monuments and also wrote a small tweet about his discovery.

When the archaeologists of the office subsequently examined the wall, which could date back to the Middle Ages or the modern era, they found new traces of prey graves in the ground. Apparently, people with metal detectors had searched for interesting finds here. Now the engineer is in dispute with the Bodensekmalpflege. The structure accuses him of having attracted the graves of thieves with his message on Twitter.

The illegal predatory graves are however a problem in the region, the engineer noticed in his walks more and more often typical traces in the ground. The Eifel was contested towards the end of the Second World War as no other front. Militaria collectors who travel here use probes to search for old weapons or ammunition. This is not only dangerous for the guys in the ground, the excavation also disturbs archaeologists. Later you will find only destroyed structures.

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History touches on the issue of managing new technologies. The high-tech or Lidardaten metal probes are fantastic. But they also have potential abuses. Do I need to adjust the data on the cover or pair the purchase of metal probes with a license or registration? Finally, above all the so-called Sondler often moves to gray legal areas, sometimes even unknowingly. However, metal probes can be purchased. But they are usually not allowed to dig archaeological remains on their own. Many survey researchers want to support researchers in their work.

In reality, only an approach that many land conservation offices can successfully implement, including those responsible for the Eifel, is to help: they offer courses for volunteers in which they receive basic knowledge of archeology and learn how to use their own probes at the service of research. Before there is a permit for some areas, the Sondlers must cram properly. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the "Probe and Archeology" booklet is 68 pages long.

The difficulty is only: work with Sondlern now binds a lot of capacity to the not very generously equipped authorities. Maybe it could have improved here before.


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