Berlin: the police take the alleged Schubser underground from Kottbusser Tor 2

Berlin: the police take the alleged Schubser underground from Kottbusser Tor

It was a terrible act: at the Kottbusser Tor subway station, a stranger pushed a man in front of an oncoming train. The U8 train captured the victim, died on the scene. Now the alleged author has been captured.

Investigators from Berlin "just" arrested him in Eberswalde, the attorney general Berlin said on Friday through Twitter. His presentation of an arrest warrant is scheduled for Saturday. Then there is more information, he said. In the tweet, the police also explain why it was omitted in the search for the authors of public research. "There were enough concrete investigative arrests that could be dispensed from public research," he says.

The victim dies after the collision before entering the subway

The incredible deed happened in the night to Wednesday. According to the investigators' initial results, there was a dispute over the platform of the tunnel station of a group of people with the victim later and his companion sitting in a wheelchair. During the dispute, the thirty year old Iranian living in Berlin was pushed by a man into the bed of the track. An approaching subway could not stop.

What was the controversy about? Unclear. For the exact course of action in the tunnel station, officials were initially unable to provide secure information. There are many rumors circulating, he said. "It's all part of the survey," a spokeswoman said starIn the meantime, the user accompanying the wheelchair has been heard. It was very much under the impression of experience.