Great Britain: the London government stops agitating - due to the seismic danger 2

Great Britain: the London government stops agitating – due to the seismic danger

The British government has stopped the controversial fracking of oil and gas extraction in the country. Saturday announced a moratorium, citing the risk of earthquakes.

Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom said on Saturday he had a frightening moratorium on Britain based on a report by the OGA regulator responsible for oil and gas production. UCI investigated seismic activity near a fracking area in Blackpool, Lancashire, in north-west England.

"After reviewing the UCI report (…) it is clear that we cannot rule out further unacceptable consequences for the local population," said Leadsom. The moratorium on fracking applies with immediate effect. Until there was "convincing new evidence" of the safety of fracking, the UK government would not have approved any new fracking project.

In transport technology, oil or gas is extracted from rock strata with the help of water and chemicals. So far, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government has encouraged Fracking in the hope of reducing dependence on natural gas imports, particularly from Norway and Qatar. According to the Guardian, Johnson once called Fracking "a glorious message for humanity".

Following a significant earthquake in August, the only hole that occurred on Blackpool's Preston New Road was discovered by the company responsible, Cuadrilla. According to estimates by the British Geological Survey, the gas deposits there cover up to 90 trillion cubic meters and could cover Britain's gas needs for the next over a thousand years.

The funding method is criticized not only by environmentalists, but also by residents in the vicinity of assisted areas. A recent report on public spending has criticized fracking projects as involving high costs for local authorities for provoking a series of protests, including roadblocks, and requiring the police to protect wells.

Fracking was resumed in the UK just last year. Previously, there had already been a seven-year moratorium. The campaign has just begun in the country: on 12 December the British elect a new parliament.

In Germany, fracking is prohibited for commercial purposes. Even in Germany there was always the suggestion to use technology.