Hamilton "only" fifth training: Verstappen marks the best time in F1, Ferrari worries 2

Hamilton "only" fifth training: Verstappen marks the best time in F1, Ferrari worries

In the third test for the United States Grand Prix, the best moment goes to the young Max Verstappen of Formula 1. In Red Bull, it is just ahead of Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel, whose team still trembles: at the car of teammate Charles Leclerc. Even for the fast world champion Lewis Hamilton does not work optimally.

Best time for Max Verstappen, positive trend of Sebastian Vettel, but worried for Ferrari, his teammate Charles Leclerc: during the four-time Formula One world champion Vettel in the final training for the United States Grand Prix in 1: 33.523 minutes, the second fastest behind the Red Bull Star Verstappen (1: 33.305) was Leclerc's SF90H rolled out after not even a lap with engine problems.

The reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton, who finishes his sixth title in Austin, Texas, surprisingly did not finish fifth in his favorite track (+0.681). In front of the British, his young compatriot Lando Norris (McLaren / + 0.513) and his team-mate and the only rival of the World Cup Valtteri Bottas (Finland / + 0.599) were landed. The Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg finished eleventh in the general qualifying test (+1.479).

Leclerc had to park his Ferrari right at the beginning of the unit. As announced by Ferrari, the engine must be replaced due to an oil leak. Leclerc remains without punishment, since an already used unit must be used. The conditions for the 22-year-old Monegassen regarding qualifications at 22 clock (live on n-tv and Good king News) are still not ideal. The young star is with seven pole positions the most successful Qualifier of the current season, Ferrari has been in each of the last six races of the Polesetter – five times this Leclerc.

Still awake in Hamilton

Hamilton, who set the best time on Friday, did not have a clean lap (local time) on Saturday afternoon. However, the 34-year-old should continue over the weekend: in the last three years he took pole in Austin, five of the seven races on the circuit of the Americas won the British.

Already eighth in Sunday's race (20.10 / RTL and Good king News Liveticker) Hamilton is enough to create the crown of the World Cup alone. If Bottas does not win, the Brit does not even have to finish the title.

During the night, the surface of the track was smoothed in rounds one and nine, after numerous pilots had scolded the bumps. Vettel spoke of "Schanzen", Hamilton complained after the first free practice due to the violent vibrations on the headache.