Israel is bombing targets in Gaza after the Palestinian attack 2

Israel is bombing targets in Gaza after the Palestinian attack

Militant Palestinians have fired rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel. The Israeli army reacted. It is said that he killed a human being.

After new missile attacks from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli air force bombed dozens of targets in Palestinian territory. In the process, a human being was killed, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip explained Saturday by Islamic radical Hamas explained. On Friday, at least ten missiles were fired at Israel from the Palestinian area, one of which damaged a house in the southern Israeli city of Sderot.

The death toll is 27 years, said the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip. The possible affiliation of the man to Hamas or another group did not provide information. Initially, the ministry said that three people were injured, one of them seriously.

Security sources reported that the air strikes were directed against ruling Hamas leaders in Gaza and other Islamist groups. The Israeli army said it was targeting "terrorist targets", including a military structure and an arms factory. The noise of the explosions was heard everywhere in the Gaza Strip, according to an AFP correspondent.

Hamas said he fired on an Israeli fighter plane. The Israeli army has confirmed new bombings from the Gaza Strip.

The missile defense can intercept eight missiles

On Friday, at least ten missiles had been launched against Israel from the Gaza Strip. According to the Israeli army, a house was hit and damaged, so there were no injuries.

According to the information, eight bullets were intercepted by the Israeli "Dome" missile defense system. The other missiles hit so close to the city of Sderot. Alarm sirens sounded in southern Israel.

Already on Thursday evening a bullet from the Gaza Strip was shot down against Israel. More recently, in mid-September, a rocket from the Gaza Strip was launched against Israel. In August, heavy coastal missiles and Israeli counterattacks fueled fears of an escalation in the conflict between Israel and the radical Islamic Hamas.

The Gaza Strip has been controlled by the Islamic radical Hamas since 2007. Since then, there have been three armed conflicts between Hamas and Israel.