Meghan: Relationship with the queen 2

Meghan: Relationship with the queen

Critical. The rift between Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) and the rest of the Royals continues to intensify. His openness and honesty during the TV interview in Africa was a fatal disaster for Meghan. An insider has now reported that the royal couple was quoted for its relationship with Queen Elizabeth II (93) just after the broadcast of the Special at Buckingham Palace.

Royals never show their feelings in public

Sauer. The source also revealed that the monarch had literally exploded because of certain statements. She called the couple to their private apartments immediately after the documentary broadcast, and in a shocking showdown she told them to pull themselves together and not pretend that they would modernize the monarchy alone. telling Meghan that it was normal to be as open to Hollywood hippie, but members of the royal family treat their personal feelings in one way or another: privately, "says Elizabeth II.

That Meghan adheres to this must be questioned.