News from Germany: child hit by a bottle from the train 2

News from Germany: child hit by a bottle from the train

Kamen: child from the bottle hit by the train and seriously injured

At Kamen station, a two-year-old girl was hit by a bottle in the head and seriously injured. The father had climbed the stairs on the track with the girl in his arms Friday morning, police said. Suddenly, according to the first results, a bottle was taken out of a passing train. There is a serious danger to the girl's life, it was said early Friday evening.

It was not clear if the bottle had fallen or been thrown, a police spokesman said. First of all, the train continued towards Hamm. He was then stopped at Greven station and remained there ever since, he said. Together with the federal police, the Dortmund police investigate and look for clues on the train and record personal passenger data. First, the "Hellweger scoreboard" reported on the accident.

As also reported by the "Westfälische Nachrichten", it should have operated on the train for a special train, a so-called party train. An eyewitness said that about 500 people were on the train traveling from Cologne to Norderney. They had personal details of all the investigators.

Meanwhile, according to police, the girl no longer floats in grave mortal danger. The child's condition is stable after surgery, said a spokesman for the Dortmund police on Saturday morning of the German news agency.

source: DPA

Neustadt / Weinstraße: drunk driver when changing tires in shirt and trousers

A 55-year-old motorist in Rhineland-Palatinate Neustadt an der Weinstrasse who wears only underpants and shirt on highway 65 wants to change a flat tire. Since the man had a strong smell of alcohol, the police let him go and found a value of over two per thousand. As announced by the police on Saturday, the man was left Friday night in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse with his car. A drunken driving case was started against him. It is not clear if his meager clothes have anything to do with his alcohol level. Even if it was a T-shirt or a t-shirt, on Saturday it was not possible to tell a police spokesman.

source: DPA

News from Friday 1 November

Cologne: unknown attacked the Ferrari driver and stole his sports car

In Cologne, the police are looking for two unknown men who would attack a 75-year-old Ferrari driver on Thursday night and then steal his sports car. The owner was then injured in the robbery and had to be treated on an outpatient basis in a clinic.

The police reported that the victim wanted to close a parking gate in Kalk district and left his car. Shortly thereafter, he suddenly felt that the doors of the Ferrari F430 Spider were hit. The 75-year-old then immediately returned to the parking lot with the engine running to bring the men to the speech – it's not a good idea. As a result, the "driver" struck him suddenly in the face several times, before escaping with his accomplice and his sports car.

The two suspects were described by the victim as follows:

Offender 1:

  • Age: around 20 years
  • about 180 centimeters high
  • strong stature
  • full dark beard
  • dressed in a gray sweater, black sweatpants and a black wool hat

Offender 2:

  • about 20 years
  • from normal to thin stature

Information on the fugitives is received by the Kriminalkommissariat 14 on the telephone number 0221 229-0 or by e-mail (

source: The Cologne police

Brunswick: 13 years drunk on the street collected

A 13-year-old girl was arrested in Brunswick, Germany, very drunk and taken to the hospital. Passers-by saw the child on the street on Wednesday night and alerted the police, as announced on Friday by the authority. A breath alcohol test therefore gave a value of almost two parts per thousand.

The girl didn't seem disoriented, according to the police. But he was taken to the hospital as a precaution, where his parents could take his daughter.

source: AFP

Ahrensburg: 55 years dies in a police operation with fire

In a police operation in Schleswig-Holstein a 55-year-old came from unclear circumstances killed. A chase between the police and the driver arrived in the center of Ahrensburg on Friday evening, as the police and prosecutors in Lübeck announced jointly. The agents finally stopped the man and wanted to get him out of the car while he struggled a lot.

According to the information, the 55-year-old could finally be resolved. Since his circulation failed, however, he had to be revived. An ambulance fought for several minutes for the life of the man – without success.

Investigators claimed that the local police used their weapons during the operation. So far two cartridges have been found. Apparently a tire was damaged by a blow. Furthermore, the passenger door was broken. An autopsy must now clarify the exact cause of death.

source: AFP

Rhineland-Palatinate: police operations for alleged bomb threats against hotels

The Rhineland-Palatinate police left Friday for missions to Ludwigshafen and Limburgerhof. As reported by officials of the Rheinpfalz police headquarters on the Twitter short messaging service, the missions took place "partly in public buildings". At the beginning of the afternoon the police did not provide any information on the reason for the missions. The "Rheinpfalz" newspaper reported bomb threats against several hotels in Ludwigshafen, Limburgerhof and Mannheim. The police spokesman declined to confirm it.

Update (16:20 clock): as announced by the police after an assessment by their department, the investigators do not take on a current threat. However, the necessary measures would have been taken. As a result, threats against buildings at noon on the phone. The calling male had several threats, police said.

source: DPA / AFP

Eisenach: the cops wake up drunk thieves on the scene

During his break-in tour, a 40-year-old from Eisenach in Thuringia got so drunk that he fell asleep on the scene. A homeowner had called the police when he realized that a stranger was in the building, police said Friday. When the officers arrived Thursday afternoon, the intruder slept and had intrusion tools. The investigation revealed that he had searched the rooms after entering the house and had drunk all the alcohol he could find there. The officers woke him up: he had had more than two thousandths of an ounce. He was taken into custody.

source: DPA

Fritzlar: four dead – arrest warrant against alleged wrong doctor

Due to several deaths in a hospital a suspected false doctor was issued in the arrest warrant for Hesse. "It is said that due to a defective anesthesia caused the death of patients in four cases, and in eight other cases, health damage should have occurred," said a spokesman for prosecutor Kassel on Friday. The woman worked from 2015 to 2018 as a medical assistant in a clinic in the north of Assia Fritzlar – according to investigators without a medical license. Previously, the media had talked about it.

It is said that the woman made mistakes in the treatment and gave the patients wrong drugs. First, against the 48-year-old was determined only because it is said to have applied for false documents in the clinic. However, during a search in January, the authorities found further evidence. Prosecutors and the police now investigate, among others, suspicions of manslaughter, dangerous assault, forgery of documents, fraud and abuse of securities.

The woman was postponed Tuesday. At the same time there were researches in various states: in addition to the clinic of Hesse, the woman's private rooms were searched, the last was in Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein). Furthermore, two doctors searched for work in Hesse and Brandenburg. It was examined whether the doctors working in the clinic at that time violated their supervisory duty by continuing to work the woman as an anesthesiologist despite inadequate performance.

source: DPA

Passau: man stabbed in the open road

A man was stabbed in the open streets of Passau. Passers-by found the 33-year-old Thursday evening on the sidewalk in front of a pizzeria, as announced by Straubing police on Friday. He suffered a stab in the upper body. Despite the immediate resuscitation, the man died on the spot.

Initially the search for the alleged author failed. The Criminal Investigation Department has launched an investigation into a murderous crime and sought witnesses.

source: AFP

Bergisch Gladbach / Cologne: child abuse: the police are evaluating the data

In the case of sexual abuse of their children and stepchildren by several men in the Bergisch Gladbach area, investigators assess the large amount of data seized. "The investigations are taking place at full speed," a Cologne police spokesman said Friday at the request of the German news agency. The evaluation of large amounts of data took precedence. Of course, the case will continue during today's holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia.

It is said that their children sexually abused several men and exchanged corresponding images, the police and prosecutors announced Thursday. The victims have between eleven months and ten years. Four suspects from the Bergisch Gladbach, Kleve, Wiesbaden and Langenfeld areas were arrested on charges of serious sexual abuse.

The Cologne police have deactivated 20 officials who have to evaluate, among other things, the enormous amounts of data in order to make possible more authors and victims.

source: DPA

Dörverden: Dead Wolf didn't die by shooting

The wolf, which was found near Dörverden in Lower Saxony, did not die for illegal murders after the first analysis. This hypothesis can now be denied, said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment of Lower Saxony on Friday in Hannover. Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) said the wolf's carcass was badly injured by bites – another wolf or "another big animal" is probably responsible.

Further investigations are currently underway at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin. Until the identity of the dead wolf was clarified, one must first know the exact genetic substance, which said there: "We need unequivocal genetics, which will probably take a few more days." The same genetic test takes place at the Senckenberg Institute in Gelnhausen, Hesse.

source: DPA

Hagen: the police attack more than 170 players

The police and the police have acted against a rock club in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia. With a large contingent, they closed a clubhouse Thursday evening and checked more than 170 barbells and 55 vehicles, police said. The trigger was a planned Halloween party. In previous years, there had been some violent clashes with other rocker groups in the Great Hagen.

During the search for the club house, several long and short weapons and stun guns were found. Furthermore, the office of public order forbade barbells to drink alcohol because there were no licenses. Two unauthorized stalls have been banned. About 150 officials were involved in the operation.

source: AFP

News from Thursday 31 October

Frankfurt am Main: a six-year-old boy seriously injured in kindergarten

In a kindergarten in Frankfurt, a six-year-old boy was fatally wounded. According to the accusation, it is assumed that the child was killed by electrocution. But this has yet to be clarified by an autopsy, a spokesman for the authority said Thursday.

The six-year-old boy was so badly injured Wednesday afternoon in the nursery school in Seckbach district that he died shortly afterwards in the hospital. Previously, the "Frankfurter Rundschau" reported on the case. The result of the forensic examination is scheduled for Friday. According to the newspaper, the day center was initially closed after the accident.

source: DPA

Aachen: the automotive driver wants to pay the fuel bill with returnable bottles

With fuel canisters, a car driver from Aachen wanted to pay the bill at a gas station. The man refueled Wednesday night for as much as ten euros and then offered several returnable bottles at the cash register as a means of payment, as announced by police Thursday. When the woman refused, the client was consequently strong and aggressive.

The policemen summoned brought the 43-year-old from Aachen to the guard because he did not want to provide his personal details. The review also revealed that the car did not belong to him. The police confiscated the car as a precaution, so the man had to continue on foot.

source: AFP

News from Wednesday 30 October

Nümbrecht: the ambulance bounces against a tree

An 83-year-old patient died in an ambulance accident in Nümbrecht, North Rhine-Westphalia. The 56-year-old severely injured driver and his severely injured 22-year-old colleague were taken to hospital on Wednesday with two rescue helicopters, a police spokesman said.

For an unknown cause, the ambulance had moved away from the road for a straight stretch and had hit a tree. According to the police, the patient should be taken to another hospital after surgery. However, he suffered such serious injuries that he died on the accident scene.

source: DPA

Stolberg: a seven-year-old child finds a missing person in the forest

In Stolberg, near Aachen, a seven-year-old boy discovered a missing 78-year-old child and brought help. The dementia patient had not returned from a walk three hours earlier, police said Wednesday. The boy was then Tuesday with a neighbor and his dog in the woods when he heard strange noises from the undergrowth – and looked. He found the 78-year-old and took her to the neighbor who took care of the woman.

The policemen and the employees of the house received the unharmed woman. The commander says: "In my opinion, the boy deserves a big thank you, which could and should be transmitted with a small gift, I think there is a police officer".

source: DPA

Schwelm: pig heads discovered in the construction site of the mosque

In Schwelm, North Rhine-Westphalia, outsiders have deposited a bag containing two pig heads and a pig's foot on a construction site for a mosque. The police reported that construction workers found the bag on Tuesday morning, but initially covered it. The agents assured you in the afternoon. In addition, the police increased the presence on the site. State protection determined.

source: Hagen District Police Department

Munich: 11 years focuses in the corridor – five wounded

An eleven-year-old girl set fire to an apartment building in Munich – five people were injured. The girl had turned the card in a stroller in the hallway, police said Wednesday. The flames have attached to a door. He had spread thick smoke, so the escape route was blocked by the stairwell. On Tuesday, 17 people saved firefighters from their homes. Among the five wounded there were four children according to the police. Fire damage estimates fire damage at around 100,000 euros. Because the girl did not light the fire was not known in the beginning.

source: DPA

Berlin: a man met a dispute before entering the subway and killed

At the Berlin underground station Kottbusser Tor, a man was fatally wounded on a Wednesday night due to a dispute between two groups. Police reported being pushed in front of an arriving train. A murder commission has taken the investigation, tweeted the officials. For the identity of the victim and other persons involved, the police did not provide any information.

source: DPA, Berlin police

Zwickau: teenagers steal police shoes

In Zwickau, Saxony, three young men aged 14 and 16 stole three pairs of shoes from a police officer in a stairwell. After a condominium roommate made him aware of the offense, the police officer immediately took the persecution Tuesday night – and took one of the perpetrators, police said. If he could barefoot, the officials could not tell. The other two boys were later discovered near home while they were searching for patrol shoes.

source: DPA

Rosenberg: the man saves horses and goats from the burning barn

Horses, goats, turkeys, guinea pigs and at least one donkey rescued a 54-year-old from his burning barn in the community of Rosenberg (Ostalbkreis) in Baden-Württemberg and thus saved from the death of the fire. Just for a mini pig any help came too late, as a police spokesman said on Wednesday night. The brave rescuer came to the hospital as a precaution. There were about 80 task forces in place. The amount of damage, the cause of the fire and the number of rescued animals were not initially clear, but the police did not expect an arson attack. The extinction works should last until morning.

source: DPA

News from Tuesday 29 October

Dortmund: the shoplifter cannot escape quite quickly due to the plaster foot

A chalk-footed shoplifter has not escaped quickly enough to Dortmund and has finally landed in pre-trial detention. The 41-year-old was caught last Thursday in a stolen battery in a supermarket, police said Tuesday. "The limping suspect with the plastered foot did not go far."

After identifying his personal details, the officers released the man. The next day, the 41-year-old fell again because he rebelled after the police first at a travel agency and then wanted to steal the batteries back at a pharmacy. As the day before, the man did not go far – the police stopped him.

Shortly thereafter, officials found that the 41-year-old had committed several crimes in Berlin, among others, and was already in custody there. "Due to the danger of flight, a judge again ordered pre-trial detention," he said.

source: DPA

Bremen: After Ghost Trip: driving license for 82-year-old volunteers

An alleged phantom driver caused a sensation on a main street in Bremen. According to police on Tuesday, a 60-year-old car driver at a construction site was able to avoid a collision with the 82-year-old with an emergency stop. Subsequently, the helper took care of the elder. He locked his car with his car because he wanted to continue undaunted.

The ghost driver had constantly tried to restart the engine of his vehicle, officials said. Along with the crew of an ambulance due to a passing accident, the helper after the almost Monday crash also secured the danger area up to the on-site arrival of the alarmed police.

A specially trained police officer tested the phantom pilot's driving skills. The investigations and investigations in his family indicated an obvious dementia, officials said.

They confiscated the car keys. Man should also expect an announcement for the danger of road traffic. After the events, the 82-year-old has already given the driving license voluntarily, he said.

source: AFP

Berlin: a seventy-year-old anti-Semite offended and wounded by blows

A seventy year old was insulted and injured in the Berlin anti-Semitism. He went for a walk Monday afternoon in Pankow district when a stranger cursed him, police said Tuesday. When the man verbally rejected the insults, the stranger beat him and wounded his head and chin.

In an attempt to defend himself from the blows, the 70-year-old lost his balance and crashed. A passerby escaped from the attacker. The police state protection at the state criminal police office took over the investigation. Berlin Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) condemned the attack "in the strongest terms". Such attacks "should never become normal," he said, thanking the passer-by, "who showed courage and moral courage", and hunted the attacker.

source: AFP

Cells: the woman finds a snake without a head

At Celle, a woman made a frightening discovery in front of her garage: there was a 1.10 meter long Albino-Phyton without a head. Apparently another strangling animal had bitten. A helpful neighbor brought the dead animal into his garden. The added police has so far no evidence of the owner of the queue, so he could not be notified.

News from Germany: a limit line is located at the entrance of a garage

The phyton albino snake lacked the head

source: Police Cells

A17: Police stop smuggling a gang

As part of a large-scale research check on the A17, the federal police inspectorate Berggießhübel arrested three traffickers who attempted to send a total of 17 Vietnamese citizens to Germany. The first smuggling car, a minivan from the Czech Republic, stopped the police at around 4.50 pm at the check-in point in Am Heidenholz. In addition to the Ukrainian driver, there were still seven Vietnamese citizens in the vehicle. "The four men and three women had no document to legitimize the deportation and the driver's temporary arrest occurred on the spot," a note said. About an hour later, the next vehicle, a Ford Focus, followed. In addition to the Hungarian pilot, another five people still sat. Once again, the driver was arrested. The third arrest occurred shortly before midnight, when officials checked a VW with five other Vietnamese citizens sitting next to the Ukrainian driver. It is not yet clear whether the three traffickers are connected. Officials are now investigating supporters.

The cops discovered the Vietnamese in the trunk

The Vietnamese were partially written in the trunk

source: Berggießhübel Federal Police Inspector

Münster: the soccer team withdraws the team after the referee's attack

The FSV Münster football team announces after the signing attack against the referee from the current gaming operation. According to constant media reports, the Hessian Kreisliga Club draws the consequences of the weekend accident, which caused a sensation at the national level. Furthermore, according to club president Hans-Peter Samoschkoff, the player receives a permanent house ban.

"We have decided that the team will be canceled with immediate effect," the official told radio station Hit Radio FFH. "The players will meet again, they will take their personal things – that's all." The player who canceled the 22-year-old referee has now realized his mistake: "He can apologize in court, but here is the time for him."

The referee was unconsciously grounded by a player of the hosts Sunday in the game Münster against TV Semd in the C-League Dieburg and had to be taken to hospital with a rescue helicopter.

source: DPA

Darmstadt: hashish brownies overdose – the party ends prematurely

In Darmstadt rescuers were called to a private party. Police said that guests between the ages of 19 and 24 consumed too many hashish brownies. All had to be provided by the rescue service. One of them had eaten so many brownies that after a while he fell asleep and lost consciousness. The three men and three women were taken to the hospital for a more detailed examination. A lawsuit against the narcotics law was filed against them.

source: Headquarters of the southern Hesse police

Liebenburg: the man threatens police officers in the deployment of SEK

In Liebenburg, Lower Saxony (district of Goslar), a man threatened the officers of a special task force (SEK) with a crossbow. On the night of Tuesday, the 43-year-old had previously threatened his wife with a knife and announced that he would kill all the people he saw, police said. According to officials, the 43-year-old was taken into custody safely at his home. According to the police, preliminary investigations have been launched. Further information on the case did not initially make a spokesperson.

source: DPA

A6: complete closure after accident with truck

An accident occurred on the A6 during the night. According to police reports Tuesday, just before 2 o'clock a trailer truck crashed into a truck parked on its shoulder due to a breakdown: the polluter had loaded epoxy resin, of which about 2,000 liters leaked and penetrated into the ground . The A6 had to be completely blocked between the Walldorf cross and the Wiesloch / Rauenberg junction in the direction of Heilbronn. The suspension should last until late morning. Both pilots were seriously injured in the accident.

A broken truck on the A6

The A6 remembers a field of debris after the accident

source: Mannheim police

News from Monday 28 October

Visa: chief inspector in search of piglet

A minipipe kept the police in Seesen am Harz busy. For almost an hour, he and a colleague tried in vain to capture the animal, police chief commissioner Christian Sommer said on Monday. The pink pig, which was walking in a parking lot on the B242 on Sunday, fled again and again.

Only when two residents of a nearby village supported the police, was it possible to conduct the animal in a makeshift cage. The police assume that the minipig has been suspended. The officials are now looking for the owners.

The pig, which weighs about 15 kg, is well fed and relatively friendly, Sommer said. Initially he was lost among the helpers. The mini piglets, also called mini-piglets, are generally 25 to 50 inches tall and weigh up to 60 kilograms.

source: DPA

Brunsbüttel: police stop searching for their lost mother in Watts

The police stopped looking for their missing mother from Brunsbüttel a few weeks ago. The 41-year-old had been reported missing by her eight-year-old son by her daughter two weeks ago after disappearing in the watt in the dark. Later, it was discovered that the woman had to be sentenced to punishment the next day and therefore apparently she disappeared. After about a week, he phoned his niece. For this reason, the police have now officially closed the search. "Through the telephone conversation with her niece, the detective is convinced that both are going well and that they are no longer considered missing," a statement said. As for the arrest, the Hanau prosecutor had to issue a warrant and the research was continued by a research office. "A public research will not take place due to the lack of an offense".

source: Itzehoe police

Solingen: coach who beats the children 's soccer match

Due to a brawl between two coaches, a friendly match between the children's teams of VfB Solingen and SG Hackenberg was canceled. First, the 42-year-old VfB coach would have had a verbal battle with the 50-year assistant coach Hackenberger delivered, police said Monday. "After that, there were scenes you normally wouldn't expect in a game of five and six year olds," the note states.

The coach of the VfB took an assault on Saturday from the other side of the field. The two men would then strangled, beaten and insulted. The police had to move to separate the opponents. Due to the warm mood of the 42-year-old he was warned. Initially, the police could not provide any information on the reasons for the dispute.

source: DPA

Hagen: car ram unknown and leaves a ticket

In Hagen, the police are looking for witnesses after an accident with the escape of a driver. As reported by officials, a 43-year-old volunteered at the station and explained that her parked car was damaged and damaged the paint. He parked the car between 7.30pm and 9.00pm on a parking lot. When he returned, a labeled napkin stuck behind the windshield wiper. He said, "I'm sorry! Dodge and I'm short of money at the moment." Now the police are looking for witnesses.

News from Germany: car driver slipped

This message on a napkin was left by the unknown driver

source: Police Hagen

Münster: Kreisliga's player beats Schiri unconscious

In a Kreisligaspiel between FSV Münster and TV Semd one player attacked a referee on Sunday afternoon and was seriously injured. The police reported that the attack of the attack was a yellow and red card, which the 28-year-old received from the 22-year-old referee. Since the player apparently did not agree, he hit the referee with the right fist in his face, so he went to the ground. The referee was initially unconscious and, after recovering, was transported by helicopter to a clinic. The game had to be stopped.

source: Southern Hesse Police

Cloppenburg: 19-year-old unit with blue lights through Lower Saxony

A 19-year-old car driver with a blue light on the roof stopped the police in Lower Saxony. As Cloppenburg officials announced on Monday, the young man from Friesoy was on Sunday afternoon on a highway and passed despite the fact that the car banned several cars. He was eventually inspected on the site of a gas station. On the car, the officers found a blue light and siren system, which they knocked out on the spot. A criminal proceeding was initiated against the man because of the presumption of office.

source: AFP

A2: Three seriously injured in an accident – the truck loses shavings

In a collision on Motorway 2 in Brandenburg, three men were seriously injured. A 36-year-old truck driver drove his vehicle on a standing truck, police said on Monday night. In the stationary vehicle there were two men of 34 years. After the clash on Sunday evening, the three people involved were taken to the hospital.

The truck, parked on its shoulder due to a technical failure, lost boxes of chips loaded with chips scattered along the highway. According to the police, even the vehicle's tank was damaged, so that the fuel flowed on the road. After the accident, the A2 was completely closed in the direction of Magdeburg. Cleaning should continue until morning. According to initial estimates, the amount of damage is around 90,000 euros.

source: DPA

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