No credit card payment for purchases in bitcoins | Bitcoin mail 2

No credit card payment for purchases in bitcoins | Bitcoin mail

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First US dollars, now Bitcoins

In Argentina, the population is further restricted and
prevents it from investing freely in currencies or bitcoins. the
The problem is very closely linked to the results of the last elections.

To prevent savers from escaping to the US dollar,
At the beginning of this week, they limited their purchases to a monthly limit of 200
United States dollars. The limit was previously $ 10,000, so the measure applies
as one of the most massive restrictions of the currency exchange.

In addition, on October 31, the Argentine Central Bank made a new decision, which is also directed against Bitcoin. From now on, credit card payments for bitcoin purchases are prohibited.

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Driving on the left disturbed

The electoral victory of the Peronists had for uncertainties of the
economic development of Argentina. There was first the
Conciliatory words of the winner of the elections, they have been well received internationally,
especially financial markets.

Nevertheless, a different image is emerging in Argentina itself
because people keep their money in foreign currency. This will reduce the
Foreign exchange reserves of the country. Towards another monetary drain of the population
Prevent, close all loopholes available now.

This includes the acquisition of Bitcoin med
Credit card. But the trade is not yet completely stopped.

Discount still possible

According to the regulations, Bitcoin purchases by bank transfer are always possible. This is in line with the other restrictions, as it is mainly cash transactions and the use of credit cards.

Thus, customers of Argentine banks can
always pay the bills by card but the cash withdrawals with the
Credit cards were limited to $ 50. This is the
Frame layout so only an amount of pocket money.

The Argentine national currency suffers from a huge
The loss of value. It is assumed that the population will continue
a strong incentive to invest foreign currency savings.

Until now, no broad adoption

Crypto-currencies are always like a hope of
celebrated the Latin American region, generally considered more economical
low applies. Divide on the importance of crypto-currencies for Latin America
However, ghosts.

If they offer a solid alternative to national currencies, they are not as attractive to the daily population as the US dollar.

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