Packed with all-time subsidies: the grand coalition broke all records in 2020 2

Packed with all-time subsidies: the grand coalition broke all records in 2020

The Grand Coalition is able to offer the maximum performance: in state aid, the finance minister's report Scholz records an absolute record. According to media reports, the government will reach 31 billion euros next year. FDP and Verdi do not save with criticism: "ineffective", "dangerous fire".

With the new subsidy report, the Grand Coalition puts all its predecessors in shadow: never before has a federal government spent so much money on subsidies and tax breaks. This is according to media reports of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz's report, which the Council of Ministers should decide on Wednesday.

According to the Handelsblatt newspaper and the Good king News newspaper, government subsidies have increased by almost ten billion euros since the government took office, from 21.8 billion in 2017 to 31.4 billion in 2020. Since 2017, the GroKo has totaled 29 new grants introduced, he wrote "photo". A ministry spokesman declined to comment on the reports.

Overall, the grants were divided into 93 different grants – such as the Baukindergeld and the coal grant – and 105 tax benefits, such as for round supplements or hotel nights. Even the federal government subsidy policy is increasingly shaped by climate and environmental policy. Another reason for the increase is the billion-dollar subsidy for broadband expansion.

The federal government had approved a bill on the new CO2 price in October. The goal is to make heating and climate-damaging fuels more expensive. The state receives billions through the exchange of carbon dioxide emissions. In return, however, the federal government provides help, for example through a higher commuter allowance.

FDP complains about "uselessness"

The deputy of the FDP faction Christian Dürr criticized the financial aid record: "Many subsidies are manifestly ineffective and cost a lot of money it would be fairer to eliminate senseless subsidies such as the e-car award, l & # 39 ; building or subsidy for coal and preferring all citizens more than their money to leave. "

The politician of the green budget Sven-Christian Kindler criticized: "Aggressive climate subsidies are further funded by the federal government with billions of tax payers' money". This was dangerous from an economic and ecological point of view for the fire. "Instead of continuing to subsidize plastic bags, agricultural industry, dirty diesel and the aviation industry with billions of tax payers' money, the federal government must eventually eliminate these subsidies and use the money for investments in climate protection ".