Podcast "Again learned something": the post office fills Germany with packing stations 2

Podcast "Again learned something": the post office fills Germany with packing stations

Once again, something learned
The post office fills Germany with packing stations

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Every German receives on average 24 packages a year and the trend is increasing. This sends us European champions. Only the Chinese have beaten us all over the world, according to a study by the consulting firm McKinsey. Even if today we write fewer letters, we are getting even more packages.

As Deutsche Post wants to face this challenge, you will hear "Once again learned". Read a short excerpt here.

Deutsche Post can look to a bright future ahead of the ever-growing online trade. At the same time, it is receiving more and more pressure from its customers, says Horst Manner-Romberg, head of the logistics consulting firm Hamburg MRU:

"The demands of all consumers have changed, as have the demands of online retailers who want to make sure their packages reach their recipients in no time and that postal services, as one of the parcel services, are under pressure from both parts: Recipient and consignor ".

We all know: the postman delivers the package somewhere, where it shouldn't be. Receiver and sender are served. As a result, Amazon is gradually becoming independent of Deutsche Post by setting up its sorting centers and packing stations in regions not well covered by Swiss Post.

Because in the future drones will not play an important role in delivering packages and because in the podcast it is of fundamental importance that Deutsche Post work on their reliability.

Once again, something learned

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