Rewe and Norma are reminiscent of meatballs 2

Rewe and Norma are reminiscent of meatballs

The Fleisch-Krone Feinkost company remembers various variations of meatballs. The reason: the goods could be burdened by Listeria.

The supplier Fleisch-Krone Feinkost GmbH refers to the meatballs of the ranges of the commercial companies Norma and Rewe. Listeria was detected in samples during follow-up examinations. This is clear from a customer's information.

These products are interested

The following meatballs are affected:

  • Norma: "Good Bartenhof" products labeled "Meatball Classic" and "Meatball Balls" in the 500 gram pack with lot numbers 97812 and 97813 – Date of minimum duration 05.11.2019
  • Rewe: "Yup!" – Products with the wording "Meatballs" in the 500 gram pack with expiration dates 05.11.2019 and 20.11.2019

These "Gut Bartenhof" barbells were sold to the Norm. (Source: producer)

The company reacted promptly and immediately withdrew the products affected by the sale. Customers who have purchased one of the products will be asked to return it to the store. The purchase price will then be refunded.

These symptoms can be triggered by listeria

Listeria can trigger flu-like symptoms such as fever and diarrhea. Especially in pregnant women, children and people with weakened immune systems can occur due to the consumption of serious diseases. The meatballs concerned should therefore not be eaten.

listeriosis It is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, which is usually quite mild, but can also have serious consequences for endangered patients. If you suspect listeriosis, you should consult a doctor immediately. Here's how to protect yourself.