The Android widget goes dark: First Darkmodefunktion for Whatsapp 2

The Android widget goes dark: First Darkmodefunktion for Whatsapp

The long awaited dark mode for WhatsApp seems to come in part. With the new update, the messenger Android widget will be adapted for the first time. So you can try the function.

The Darkmode or the "dark design", as it is often called in the Androids system settings, was one of the most anticipated features of the current Android 10 operating system.

If the mode is activated, all system menus are displayed in black instead of white and the colors are also adjusted. Especially in dark environments or at night, this makes reading the smartphone display much more pleasing to the eye. Many users find the look and the optical variety but also simply chic.

Whatsapp widgets are now available in light and dark (Source: Jan Mölleken)Whatsapp widgets are now available in light and dark (Source: Jan Mölleken)

Google Apps is personalized, others are not

Google has already changed most of its apps accordingly. Unfortunately, every third-party vendor needs to make this change to their apps. So it happens that the WhatsApp chat window is still dazzling white, even if the dark design is activated in the phone.

With the latest update for Android, the manufacturer has not only one new security feature for integrated AndroidHe also made a first customization in dark mode, as Cox's blog has now noted.

These are widgets so you use them

The WhatsApp widget is now available in light and dark. Widgets are small information windows that are permanently displayed on the smartphone's home screen. Especially for WhatsApp this is convenient, because you always have all unread messages in view, without having to open the app.

To add a widget, tap on the home screen and leave your finger there for a moment. In the menu that opens, tap "Widgets". It will then show all installed apps that have the same function. You can often choose the size of the widget. Finally, decide where to place the widget on the main screen.

The dark design is activated in the "Settings" app in "Display". However, this option can only be found in the current version of Android 10.

Currently available only for Google Pixel phones and newer One Plus devices. Updates are planned for many other manufacturers in the coming weeks.