Today's news: knife attack in the police station in La Réunion - no victims 2

Today's news: knife attack in the police station in La Réunion – no victims

The most important news in the brief overview:

  • Knife attack at La Réunion police station – no casualties (16:49)
  • Fatal accident at the World Motorcycle Championships in Malaysia (13.52 clock)
  • Merkel sees good opportunities for the German economy in India (9:14)
  • Cave after drama for Thai soccer boys again partially open (8.13 clock)
  • The e-scooter driver who loses his driving license (5.28)
  • Biden loses ground in the key state of Iowa (5 o'clock)

The news of the weekend of starticker:

+++ 21:59: Fire in California reports progress in the fight against new forest fires +++

In the fight against devastating forest fires in California, firefighters have made slight progress. In the fight against a great new fire in the Ventura district, in the south of the American state, which broke out on Thursday, the task forces managed to easily contain the fire. The so-called "Maria" fire broke out on Thursday about a hundred kilometers northwest of Los Angeles. Thousands of people had to leave their homes. The flames threatened many houses, farms and orchards. Saturday morning (local time), the fire spread to 3,800 hectares, as announced by the fire brigade.

+++ 19.18 clock: Sturgeon speaks in Glasgow in demonstration on Scottish independence +++

For the first time since the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has participated in a demonstration of supporters of independence from Great Britain. Their goal is "within reach", said the president of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in front of thousands of participants at the Glasgow rally. Sturgeon is planning a new referendum for independence next year. The first British parliamentary elections of 12 December called the sturgeon "the most important choice for Scotland in our lives". "The future of our country is at stake," he said, urging people to vote.

In the 2014 referendum, the Scots rejected British independence. In the 2016 Brexit referendum, the Scots were different from most Britons to stay in the European Union. Sturgeon sees the issue of Scotland's independence back on the agenda and points to another referendum on the issue next year. However, such a referendum should be done with the permission of the British government to be valid.

+++ 18:20: need to jump from the train: charge against the driver +++

It is said that a conductor asked two young tax evaders in Egypt to jump off the train. One of the teenagers was killed, the other was injured. The prosecutor has filed charges against the man. The conductor had opened the compartment door and ordered the youths to jump off the train so as not to hand them over to the police, according to Egyptian state television. The accident occurred earlier this week in the province of Tanta, in the Nile Delta, north of Egypt. He had caused a great stir in social networks in Egypt.

+++ 17:49: after a fatal shock in front of the subway – the suspect is released +++

After the fatal blow of a man in front of a Berlin subway, Kreuzberg must be released again as Gefasster. At present there is no urgent suspicion, said the public prosecutor's spokesman, Martin Steltner, dpa The testimonies would have revealed contradictions. Furthermore, the existing video material is of moderate quality.

+++ 16:49: knife attack in the police station in La Réunion – no injury +++

After a knife attack on a police station on the French island of La Réunion, the judiciary reportedly investigates suspected terrorists among other suspects. According to Franceinfo, a young man threatened a woman at the Saint-Denis police station. No one was injured, the man was arrested. It is said that he also called "Allahu akbar" (Arabic for "God is great") during the accident. He also examined the mental health of the suspected attacker.

At the beginning of October, a suspected radicalized police officer killed four of his colleagues – three men and a woman – with a knife to the Paris police prefecture. French President Emmanuel Macron had promised the French after a deadly attack a "restless struggle" against Islamist terrorism.

+++ 16:26: France expects a big autumn storm on the Atlantic coast +++

In France there is a strong alarm due to a big autumn storm. The French meteorological service issued a warning for over a dozen departments on the Atlantic coast and in central France. The "Amélie" storm is expected on Sunday night with wind speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour and high waves. The inhabitants of the departments of Charente-Maritime, the Gironde and the Vendée must be particularly vigilant. The last storms with heavy rain and wind in the south of France have caused damage and traffic obstructions.

+++ 15:59: At least 13 dead in a car bomb explosion in northern Syria +++

The explosion of a car bomb in the Syrian city of Tal Abjad in the north killed at least 13 people and wounded 20 others. The explosion took place in a market in the city controlled by Turkey, as announced by the Turkish Ministry of Defense in Ankara. The ministry spoke of an "assassination" of Kurdish popular defense units (YPG). Turkey and the Syrian allied militia had started a military offensive against YPG in northern Syria on 9 October.

+++ 15.40 clock: after damage to the container ship: warning for ships in the Wadden Sea +++

Following the accident on the MSC container ship Zoe, the Dutch authorities warned against the dangers of large-scale shipments near the coast of the Wadden Sea. There is a risk that large ships hit the seabed, the Hague Security Investigation Council warned. Very large ships should choose a different route in bad weather, the Coast Guard said. The warning applies to the so-called "Terschelling-German Bight" traffic separation area, which runs from west to south-west along the Frisian Islands line.

The warning is a first conclusion of the serious accident investigation of the MSC container ship Zoe at the beginning of this year. The ship had lost hundreds of containers on the way to Bremerhaven. Islands and coasts had been contaminated with plastic waste. The final report will be presented in the spring of 2020.

Video: South Africa is the rugby world champion

+++ 15.11 clock: suspicious faces after a fatal knife attack by Passau +++

After a deadly knife attack on a 33-year-old man in Passau, the suspect confronted the police. The 26-year-old man, who is like the victim of Iranian citizens, should be presented to a magistrate in Passau on Saturday, police said. He had met the police in Wiesbaden early Saturday morning. Between the suspect and the victim "for a long time there were significant relationship problems," the police said. Passers-by had found the victim seriously injured on the sidewalk in front of a pizzeria on Thursday evening. Despite the immediate resuscitation, the man died on the spot. Already on Friday the police had declared that there were no indications of a "xenophobic motivated act".

+++ 14:31: Nine children killed by landmines in Afghanistan +++

In northeastern Afghanistan, nine children were killed by a mine explosion on a street. Children between the ages of seven and eleven had trampled the mine in Tachar province, a provincial government spokesman said. The mine was placed by the Taliban in a controlled village, the spokesman said. After years of fighting, Afghanistan is littered with anti-personnel mines, unexploded bullets and rockets. This has also significantly increased the number of civilian casualties in the conflict. The UN mission in Afghanistan (Unama) recorded 1,174 deaths and 3,139 wounded from July to September of this year. This represents a 42 percent increase over the same period last year.

+++ 14:11: Trump drastically limits the admission of new refugees to the United States +++

The president of the United States Donald Trump has ordered a lowering of the already historically low limit for the admission of new refugees. For the fiscal year 2020 (from October 2019 to September 2020), "for humanitarian reasons", no more than 18,000 refugees can enter the country, said Trump. It is the lowest level since the introduction of the refugee program in 1980. Recently, the limit was 30,000. The US government had already declared in late September that a new reduction is planned.

+++ 13.52 clock: fatal accident in the context of the Motorcycle World Championships in Malaysia +++

Indonesian motorcycle racer Afridza Munandar died Saturday after suffering a serious accident. The 20-year-old junior driver was seriously injured in a mass accident at the Asia Talent Cup, which will be held at the Malaysian Grand Prix in the context of MotoGP. Munandar was initially supplied with the track and then taken by helicopter to the Kuala Lumpur hospital. However, the doctors were no longer able to save the life of the Indonesian junior driver.

Even the Japanese Shinji Ogo was involved in the accident and is in critical condition. He was taken by ambulance to the Kuala Lumpur hospital.

The tragic Sepang accident evokes memories of the disaster in the 2011 season. At that time, MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli died in the upper class race because he was invaded by a competitor.

+++ 13.34 clock: after murder in Passau: suspects arrested +++

After the murderous death in the center of Passau, the police arrested a suspect. He is a 26-year-old man with Iranian citizenship, police said in Passau. The man had asked Friday evening in the Hesse Wiesbaden and then had been arrested. He should be transferred to Passau on Saturday and presented to the magistrate. The Public Prosecutor's Office of Passau submitted a corresponding request. The victim is also an Iranian.

+++ 12:12: Madrid offers help to Greta Thunberg on the journey to the climate summit +++

The Spanish government offered assistance to the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg to facilitate her participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid in December. "Dear Greta, it would be nice to have you here in Madrid," said Environment Minister Teresa Ribera on Twitter. "We would like to help you cross the Atlantic," he added in the tweet, praising Thunberg's climate commitment. Madrid is ready to contact the sixteen year old. How travel aid might seem, Ribera didn't say.

+++ 12:09: Suspicion after a fatal underground shock should be before judges +++

After the fatal blow of a man in front of a subway in Kottbusser Tor station in Berlin, a man arrested as a suspect must be presented to the magistrate. The competent attorney general announced further information for the afternoon. Investigators had arrested the man on Friday evening in Eberswalde in north-eastern Berlin. A commission for the murder of the Kriminalpolizei in Berlin had sought the culprit.

+++ 11.30 clock: the signatory "Charlie Hebdo" defends religious criticism +++

A designer of the Parisian satire magazine "Charlie Hebdo" defended religious criticism in her article. "We have criticized the Catholic religion, we criticize Islam, we criticize the Buddhists for attacking the Rohingya", said Saturday to the French designer Coco. Take the right to criticize religion as you've always done.

For the first time since the January 2015 attack, the editors wanted to take part in a public discussion event at the "World Forum for Democracy" in Strasbourg. After the attack, it was important for the editorial staff to get in touch with the public, explained Coco.

+++ 10.40: environmentalists welcome the stop of fracking in Great Britain +++

Environmentalists and the opposition in Britain have welcomed the end of the country's controversial gas production fracking technology. "This victory is one of the biggest that the climate movement has ever seen," the climate protection organization said on Saturday. The Greenpeace environmental organization asked to accelerate the expansion of renewable energy from wind and sun. On Friday evening the government announced that the fracking technique should not be used in England.

This is due to the earthquake near the shale gas test station in Lancashire, in north-west England, where seismic activity had already been recorded. Since a magnitude 2.9 shock at the end of August near the facility the operation was suspended.

+++ 10.32 clock: Spahn: still no agreement on land rent negotiations +++

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) rejected the news of a first compromise between the Union and the SPD in negotiations on a basic pension. "Nothing is agreed," Spahn wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Any agreement must be measured by the coalition agreement. A land rent could be agreed on Monday by the Coalition Committee in his opinion, only on three conditions, including a "hard income test" as a means of proof.

The newspaper "Good king News" reported that there was a first compromise on the basic pension. Consequently, there should not be a "real" test. The negotiators, including Spahn, have agreed on a document which states that the assets, the income from shares and the property must not be reviewed before the start of a lease of the land. The pension insurance should only check the tax returns of pensioners.

+++ 9.14 clock: Merkel sees good opportunities for the German economy in India +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) sees good opportunities for more investment by the German economy in India. This applies, for example, to the modernization of infrastructures, such as the expansion of high-speed rail connections, declared Merkel on Saturday during the annual general assembly of the German-Indian Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi. At the same time, the Chancellor made a new beginning for a free trade agreement between the European Union and the country of 1.3 billion inhabitants at the end of his visit to India. The discussions started in 2007 for a similar agreement with India had been interrupted by both parties in 2012.

+++ 8.13 clock: cave after drama for the partially open Thai soccer boys +++

In Thailand, for the first time since last year, visitors can take a look at the cave, where a student soccer team has been stuck for almost three weeks. On Friday, the authorities allowed tourists to see the entrance to the Tham Luang cave, which was closed after the accident. About 2,000 interested parties have already taken advantage of the opportunity on the first day. In the beginning, however, a deeper entrance into the cave is prohibited.

The twelve boys and their soccer coach had been trapped on June 23, 2018 during a trip to Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand by rapidly increasing masses of water. Only after 17 days could all children be released in a complex and dangerous rescue operation by divers and hundreds of international helpers. The Thai diver Saman Gunan died while putting oxygen cylinders in the cave.

+++ 7.39 am: Trump announces new Internal Security Secretary +++

US President Donald Trump has selected a new interim secretary for internal security. The first to act as head of the Chad Wolf strategy department has the role to follow in the wake of Kevin McAleenan, Trump told reporters. "We'll see what happens, we have great people there." The White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said that the former interim minister McAleenan will leave office on November 11th. The wolf will follow him. McAleenan announced his retirement last month. He was nominated for the position in April. Wolf is the fifth head of national security since Trump took office in January 2017. The ministry is at the center of Trump's fight against illegal immigration.

+++ 5.28 clock: the yodelling of the electric scooter driver loses his license +++

A drunk e-scooter driver drove to Erfurt noisily shouting in a traffic control. As the police continued to say, the 29-year-old Saturday took the curves early enough. Shortly thereafter, the officers stopped the electric scooter driver and took him out of his vehicle. A test of alcohol showed 1.47 per thousand. The man is awaiting a criminal case for drunk driving, he said. He had to hand over his license on the spot.

+++ 5.28 am: Thieves steal liquor bottles with deadly poison +++

The burglars have captured three bottles of liquor with a deadly poison in Hanover. The police said they broke the patio door, ransacked the house and found once they took it with them. Inside the vault there were three small bottles of brown liquor of the Underberg brand. In vials, but without alcohol, but the forbidden protection of plants Parathion – popularly known as mother-in-law poison.

The insecticide is highly toxic even in small amounts and can penetrate the human body through the skin. Thieves and their deadly loot miss every trace since the middle of the week.

+++ 5.00 clock: Biden loses ground in the key state of Iowa +++

In preparation for the US Democratic presidential nomination, former vice president Joe Biden has lost further ground in the key state of Iowa. In a Friday (local) poll on the New York Times and Siena College, not only were Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders ahead of Biden, the veteran politician was also overtaken by 37-year-old local politician Pete Buttigieg, almost a year ago nobody knew.

On average, several surveys conducted by the RealClearPolitics website rank Warren in Iowa with an approval rate of 22.3 percent, followed by Buttigieg with 17 percent and Biden with 15 percent. For the deputy of former President Barack Obama, this means a significant accident. By mid-September, the 76-year-old in the rural state of the Midwest had reached 28.5 percent.

The image of Biden, however, was shaken by the Ukrainian business. It concerns US President Donald Trump's request to Ukrainian head of state Volodymyr Selenskyj to seek incriminating evidence against Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

+++ 1.43 clock: at least 35 dead in rebel attack in Mali +++

In a raid of suspected Islamists on a military base in southern Mali, at least 35 soldiers lost their lives on Friday according to official sources. These "provisional results" were published by the armed forces on their website Saturday night. The raid at the base in the Indelimane area, on the border with neighboring Niger, started last Friday.

+++ 1.04 clock: Survey: Söder in the voters of the Union just before "AKK" +++

According to a poll, voters of the Union parties trust a successful chancellor, CSU leader Markus Söder, rather than CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. However, CDU and CSU supporters ranked first on the list of six presiding union politicians with the former Bundestag faction leader Friedrich Merz with 26 percent, as revealed by the Kantar Institute survey for the Funke Media Group.

Söder is second with 16 percent, Kramp-Karrenbauer with 14 percent behind. Follow the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, and the Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn, each with 13 percent, and the head of the Schleswig-Holstein government, Daniel Günther, with 8 percent.

A different picture emerges in the total population. Although Merz (23 percent) is back in the lead, Spahn (10) is in second place, followed closely by Kramp-Karrenbauer and Laschet (9 each). Söder (8) occupies only the penultimate place in front of Günther (4).

+++ 0.21 clock: at least ten shots fired from the Gaza Strip on Israel +++

At least ten missiles were launched from the Gaza Strip in southern Israel. One house was hit and damaged, as announced by the Israeli army in the Twitter short messaging service. No one was injured. According to the information, eight missiles have been intercepted by the Israeli "Dome" missile defense system. The other missiles hit so close to the city of Sderot. Alarm sirens sounded in southern Israel. Already on Thursday evening a "bullet" was fired from the Gaza Strip.

+++ 0.06 am: Trump: partial agreement with China to be signed in the United States +++

The planned partial trade agreement between the United States and China will be signed in the United States, according to US president Donald Trump. Chinese President Xi Jinping is also fine, said Trump Friday night (local time) in the White House garden. For the event, various locations are currently under review, including the US state of Iowa, Trump said. According to Trump, the rural state of the Midwest would offer itself because the agreement also provided for the purchase of agricultural products by China.