Between the Queen of Ice and the Genius of Fashion: Anna Wintour, the boss of "Vogue", is 70 years old 2

Between the Queen of Ice and the Genius of Fashion: Anna Wintour, the boss of "Vogue", is 70 years old

A devilishly naughty boss with big sunglasses – most of them know Anna Wintour from the 2006 hit movie "The Devil Wears Prada", in which Meryl Streep plays a magazine editor based in Wintour. The true boss of "Vogue" at least looks like this figure: with sunglasses, a precise cut of the Bob dress and Haute Couture dress, it has a great value of recognition. This is how she imprinted herself, while stating: "I do not work for Anna Wintour, I work for Condé-Nast-Verlag, I do not have a social media platform or I am looking for personal recognition. "

With Condé, Nast Wintour came to Vogue through different fashion magazines and became indispensable to them. Rumors of a Wintours withdrawal has put the fashion magazine industry in the latest enthusiasm. Last year, the publisher was forced to announce that Wintour was "incredibly talented and a creative director with immeasurable influence" and that he would continue "indefinitely". The Grand Dame, now 70, has not commented on the problems of withdrawal.

Three decades of "Vogue" magazine

Anna Wintour was born in the cradle, born in 1949 in London, daughter of a newspaper publisher. She first trained at the Nobel department store in London, Harrods, and then worked as a fashion journalist for Harper's Bazaar in New York. Since 1986, she has been working for "Vogue" and since 1988 she is editor of the magazine. She saw her industry experience a dramatic change: "When I started working as a girl in the UK, when we reached 90,000 people, it was great to have about 22 million fans out there. the US Vogue Instagram account. "

Wintour had to cope with the drop in print magazine circulation and the loss of advertising revenue. The most important thing is to remain faithful to her position as a journalist, she says:

People want to know what you believe and what you represent. In this period of false news, where truth, values ​​and support for the needy are so poorly perceived, we have a moral duty to defend what is right.

Anna Wintour

In the case of Wintour, the journalistic attitude manifests itself in the attention that she wears to the outfits of the American First Ladies: while Michelle Obama has appeared several times on the cover of "Vogue", the Current First Lady Melania Trump had only one appearance in the wedding dress. the title photo of the magazine.

As a human being, a dragon?

What you know about the private Anna Wintour is not much. From 1984 to 1999, she was married to David Shaffer, a child psychologist, with whom she had a son and a daughter. She gets up every day before five, they say. And she gets along well with the queen. On the one hand, the British monarch honored her as "lady" and, on the other hand, they were seen side by side at the forefront of London Fashion Week.

The icy diva, who does not forgive mistakes and makes life difficult for her peers – with this image Wintour flirts a little. She was just "very clear and focused" – and:

Sometimes there is some kind of personal criticism against me that probably would not put a man in my position.

Anna Wintour