Coinbase Win: EOS and DAI Airdrop 2

Coinbase Win: EOS and DAI Airdrop

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Reward Tutorial

With the program "Coinbase Earn", the broker focuses mainly
beginners, but also slightly advanced users. Platform users need
master small learning tasks and receive an Airdrop.

In this way, for example, $ 40 in
Earn stars (XLM). But other cryptographic currencies are already more present in the world.
Integrated learning program. These include Zcash, Basic Attention Tokens and ZRX.

If you also want to participate in the program, you need a coinbase coin.publicity Account and must also sign up for the tutorials. For a short time, two additional cryptographic currencies can be earned.

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Two newcomers

DAI is a stablecoin of not own
Blockchain features. Instead, the token uses the Ethereum blockchain.
Why 1 ICD at the end is still worth almost exactly 1 US dollar, it's in learning tasks
easily accessible.

EOS is in a very different category compared to DAI. How EOS Blockchain applications and fast transaction times are made possible, interested users can view practical learning videos. If you solve all tasks related to both topics, you can expect a reward of US $ 20 in ICD and US $ 50 in EOS.

However, the learning program must also be viewed with some skepticism, as no specific point of view in the subject is discussed.

Trend not to be critical

The information contained in the presentations
are transmitted, are factually correct. However, in some ways
not completely because it will focus only on the benefits of the parts and
Token received.

A detailed review of each cryptocurrency would do this
Make the format explode safely. Therefore, beginners have an interest in sharing their knowledge
deepen not only the benefits but also the pitfalls

Thus, the program is recommended to anyone who has not yet
came in contact with the respective cryptos. But who more than just
the basic information wants he must continue the journey and
keep looking elsewhere.