In the case of an electoral victory, Tory: Sturgeon sees Brexit as a reason for divorce 2

In the case of an electoral victory, Tory: Sturgeon sees Brexit as a reason for divorce

The first new elections in Great Britain trigger the supporters of Scottish independence. For the first time, Prime Minister Sturgeon speaks at an event for the secession of Scotland. The tough course of the EU on Brexit and Johnson serves as a lever for a new referendum.

For the first time since the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has participated in a demonstration of supporters of independence from Great Britain. Their goal is "within reach", said the president of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in front of thousands of participants at the Glasgow rally. According to the organizers, about 20,000 people participated in the "independence march", many waving Scottish flags.

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<p class="Walk into Independence": 20,000 Scots demonstrate in Glasgow.

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Sturgeon is planning a new referendum for independence next year. The first British parliamentary elections of 12 December called the sturgeon "the most important choice for Scotland in our lives". "The future of our country is at stake," he said, urging people to vote. Sturgeon warned that a victory by the conservative party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson meant that "Scotland will be torn from the European family against its will". "The very best alternative is to take the future into our own hands and become an independent country," shouted Sturgeon.

Corbyn denies: no vote in Scotland

In the 2014 referendum, the Scots rejected British independence. In the 2016 Brexit referendum, the Scots were different from most Britons to stay in the European Union. Sturgeon sees the issue of Scotland's independence back on the agenda and points to another referendum on the issue next year.

However, such a referendum should be done with the permission of the British government to be valid. Sturgeon Premier Johnson is expected to formally ask before Christmas that the Scottish regional government can hold a referendum on independence. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn rejected Sturgeon's testimony in London that his Social Democrats would not obstruct a Scottish referendum in the event of a Labor victory. A referendum "was neither necessary nor desirable", he said.

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