Queen Elizabeth II: Surprise! She wears makeup - except that day 2

Queen Elizabeth II: Surprise! She wears makeup – except that day

In terms of fashion, the long-time stylist advises Queen Elizabeth, but she prefers to wear makeup. With one exception …

Queen Elizabeth (93) is without a doubt one of the best dressed women in the world. The clothes, the accessories and their famous hats are always perfectly matched. And even if the queen has remained true to her style for decades, she gets fashion advice.

Angela Kelly, 51, is the personal stylist of the 93-year-old woman since 2002 and has published a book about her time at court. In "The Downside: The Queen, Dresser and Wardrobe", the fashion specialist reveals wonderful stories about the Queen – with her blessing of course. What an unusual wish the monarch has encountered during a photo shoot you will learn in the video above.

The ladies of the queen are always perfectly dressed. How much they shone last at their side, you see here:

Jewelery and Creamy White Dresses: Their Court Ladies Have Royal Look

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When she wears makeup, she gives herself a hand

But not only in terms of fashion, Queen Elizabeth still looks great, we can see his makeup. And that's what she puts herself every day! With one exception: for her annual Christmas speech to the British people, traditionally aired on television on Christmas Eve and seen by millions of viewers, the 93-year-old makeup professional can reveal in her book Kelly . "This may be a surprise, but it is the only occasion of the year when Her Majesty does not wear makeup herself," says the stylist.

By the way, since the 50s, she has faith in the same products.

Uncomfortable work

But not only this little secret has been revealed to Angela Kelly. She also revealed a rather uncomfortable aspect of her work: "The press has often reported that an assistant enters Her Majesty's shoes to put them at ease, and yes, I am this assistant, the Queen has very little time, and we have the same size, it's the most logical. "

The stylist is also responsible for the famous baptismal gown, in which all British royals have been baptized since 1841. After more than 150 years in 2004, she had a replica of the original – and she's hung in the bag of mischief. "To give it an authentic appearance, we've colored it in Yorkshire tea, placing each piece of cloth in a small bowl of cold water and a tea bag, and then brewing for about five minutes until you reach it. To make the color perfect, "says Angela.

In this outfit of the queen, the fans wondered: will they send a message with the choice of their clothes? See yourself in the video below:

The puzzle of the fans: did she send a message through her eyes?

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