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Queen Elizabeth: Partner reveals the secrets of royal fashion

Commenting on her relationship with Queen Elizabeth, 93-year-old Angela Kelly, 51, said in one of his rare interviews: "We are two typical women. We discuss clothes, makeup and jewelry. "The result is the book" The Other Side of the Medal: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe, "published on October 29, 2019 by HarperCollins Verlag and its readers on 304 Giving a Unique Insight into Her Majesty's Work, a spokesman for the editor said about this work:

"The Queen has personally blessed Angela to share her unprecedented solidarity with Angela Angela, and Angela Kelly is the first acting member of the Royal House to receive this extraordinary permit."

GALA summarizes the best anecdotes of smiles and wonder for you.

Fashion looks

The style of Queen Elizabeth

1. Why Queen Elizabeth's clothes are sometimes hidden

Ascot Royal Race Week is one of the oldest equestrian events in the world. She is visited every year by Queen Elizabeth, in love with the horse and members of her family. Special attention is paid to the Queen's wardrobe, as Angela Kelly notes in her book: "Every day of the rider's festival, hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling are put on the color of the hat or the dress of the Queen." To keep the secret of fashion until the appearance of the queen, the queen and Kelly resort to a trick.

Queen Elizabeth wore a pastel green at Ascot 2019.

Queen Elizabeth wore a pastel green at Ascot 2019.

At Windsor Castle, near the racecourse, about a week before the race, "at least three hats would be on display, which can be seen by anyone walking down the hall," writes Kelly. The exhibits are used as "decoys" to prevent insider tips from being passed on to the bookmakers. In truth, the two women have a completely different look, selected from the bag under the shelter of closed doors. The morning of the appearance of the Queen at Ascot, the choice of the set that she wears is decided at the "last minute".

Angela Kelly, the stylist of Queen Elizabeth.

Angela Kelly, the stylist of Queen Elizabeth.

2. That's behind the Queen's "European hat"

The hat is, next to the handbag, the queen's fashion brand. One copy particularly attracted attention in 2017 and was the subject of discussion around the world: at the opening of Parliament in London, Elizabeth wore a blue hat adorned with yellow flowers reminiscent of observers the flag of the European Union. Now you must know that the queen's wardrobe is happy to send hidden messages. This also applies to politics, because according to the British constitution, the 93-year-old player can not comment on such matters. The blue-yellow hat was therefore seen as a sign of the imminence of Brexiste as the Queen's confession to the EU.

On June 21, 2017, Queen Elizabeth made a splash with her hat.

On June 21, 2017, Queen Elizabeth made a splash with her hat.

In "The Other Side of the Mint", Angela Kelly clarified about the selection of the royal headgear: "It was a coincidence, but the boy, who had a lot of attention, really made us smile. " Neither she nor her colleague, the milliner Stella McLaren had come to the conclusion that the hat looked like the flag. The two women had rather made sure that the Queen's clothes came out of the dark background of the Parliament Chamber.

3. The queen has an iron tower

The queen takes about 300 appointments each year, despite her age. To allow them to survive as well, comfortable shoes are essential. In her book, Angela Kelly, who has been working for Elizabeth since 1994 and is responsible for her style since 2002, confirms a seemingly absurd rumor. "As reported in the press, a valet enters the shoes of his majesty to make sure that she feels good and that she can always walk well, and yes, I am the lackey. . " The queen has very little time for herself and for herself. to wear their own shoes because we have the same size of shoes, that makes sense. "

Queen Elizabeth

These are his beauty tips

Queen Elizabeth still looks great at the age of 93. What little beauty stuff she has to thank for that you can see in the video.

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4. The secret of the royal baptismal dress

Royal babies wear one at their baptism, like Prince Louis a last and Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, a dress belonging to the family for generations. The original dress was made in 1841 on behalf of Queen Victoria † 81. Nearly 170 years later, the Queen decided that it was necessary to save the dress and ordered a replica to Angela Kelly.

Prince George wears a traditional baptismal dress that has been part of the family for generations.

Prince George wore a replica of a dress during his baptism in 2013, owned by the royal family for 180 years.

The copy went into service after nine months of work, in April 2008, at the baptism of James, Viscount of Severn, son of Prince Edward, 55, and Countess Sophie de Wessex, 54 years old. Hard to believe what Angela Kelly now reveals about the dress making process. "To make sure it looks authentic, we've colored it to Yorkshire tea (the strongest we all know"), Kelly writes. "We dipped each piece of lace into a small bowl (…) filled with cold water and a tea bag and let it stand about five minutes, checking regularly until 39 that the color is perfect. " Queen Elizabeth has been watching every step of the line, reveals Kelly.

5. Why once all the queen's wardrobe was ruined

When Queen Elizabeth traveled abroad (her last trip brought her to Malta in November 2015), she still had heavy baggage. For a ten-day tour, up to 30 outfits might be needed, including a "backup" option for each appointment, Kelly writes. The Queen was carrying her clothes in three very large and heavy leather cabinets, which the staff had to bring on a flight of stairs from the plane. Given its weight, it was a "nightmare", admits Kelly. Her idea was to store the queen's wardrobe in lighter clothes bags in the future. The queen had agreed to do so – until a trip to Italy with Prince Philip in 2000.

Blood preserved, mourning, passports

These rules apply when royals travel

The Cambridge Family (from left to right): Prince William, Prince George, Duchess Catherine and Princess Charlotte

It rained torrents on his arrival, writes Kelly. Nevertheless, a member of the crew decided to bring the Queen's clothing bags to the track with a small wagon. The result, of course: the clothes were completely soaked. And not only that: a gust of wind grabbed the bags and carried them in all directions. "I saw the plane idling from the plane, I was so sorry that they (the staff) crawled and tried to pick up His Majesty's soaked clothes." , recalls Kelly in her book.

After the disaster, Angela Kelly looked for a new baggage option. She eventually bought a series of lightweight suitcases on wheels, which she still uses today. Kelly writes in her book, "I'm delighted to say that this change has been a success and we welcome it."

"The other side of the coin: the queen, the dresser and the wardrobe" It is currently available only in English and for around 22 euros on the Internet.

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