Seehofer admits partial registration: "Alan Kurdi" could dock with 88 refugees 2

Seehofer admits partial registration: "Alan Kurdi" could dock with 88 refugees

After a week on the Mediterranean, the German rescue boat "Alan Kurdi" heads for Italy. Previously, the Interior Minister Seehofer promised that Germany would "participate considerably in providing relief. France is also taking over some of the 88 refugees on board.

The crew of the German rescue boat "Alan Kurdi" with 88 migrants on board plans to reach the port of Taranto in southern Italy on Sunday morning. "We are pleased that this naval blockade has finally come to an end," said Sea-Eye spokesman Gordon Isler. The Italian Ministry of Interior had granted the ship permission to dock there. After almost a week on the Mediterranean, the crew had already entered the Italian territorial waters. The Sea Eye organization justified it with weather conditions. "The weather is getting worse, the people on the bridge are getting wet, we have decided that the ship must find shelter near the coast," said Isler. "Alan Kurdi" had welcomed the migrants last Saturday.

The organization does not expect legal consequences, because it has not acted illegally. Otherwise, Italy would have denied entry into its waters. "It was a legally flawless behavior," said Isler with reference to the law of the sea. This allows ships to sail freely and peacefully through the waters of coastal states. This had been questioned only by the then interior minister and by the CEO of the League Matteo Salvini.

The Italian news agency Ansa reported that it cited the Interior Ministry, Germany and France, wanting to accept 60 migrants from "Alan Kurdi", Portugal five and Ireland two. The mayor of Taranto, Rinaldo Melucci, has declared that his city is preparing for the arrival and will not hesitate to assist these needy people in the short period of their stay.

On Friday, during the government press conference, a spokesman for the Interior Minister Horst Seehofer stated about the rescue ships "Alan Kurdi" and "Ocean Viking": "In both cases we are facing both countries where it is considered a landing, and informed the Commission that we are ready to participate significantly in the admission process to the agreement and are committed to this agreement. "" Ocean Viking "arrived Wednesday with 104 migrants on board in the Italian port of Pozzallo in Sicily.