Tomato juice protects against cardiovascular diseases 2

Tomato juice protects against cardiovascular diseases

Tomato juice should not be taken only by air, but daily. Red vegetable juice has the potential of natural medicine. Tomato juice not only lowers blood pressure but also improves cholesterol levels, a recent study at Tokyo Medical and Dental University showed.

According to experts, one glass a day is sufficient to benefit from the positive effects, provided it is not salty.

A total of 481 men and women, aged 20 to 74, all from Kuriyama, Japan, participated in the study. Previously, they were subjected to careful cardiovascular monitoring to measure blood pressure and blood levels.

Tomato juice as a natural antihypertensive

For a year, subjects were given unsalted tomato juice and allowed to drink as much as they wanted. During this period, they kept the diaries on their daily consumption of tomato juice and recorded both health changes and medical examinations.

By the end of the study period, blood pressure had improved significantly in 20% of subjects who had high blood pressure and an average of one glass of tomato juice per day.

Systolic blood pressure decreased on average from 141.2 to 137.0 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure averaged 83.3-80.9 mmHg compared to the beginning.

the blood pressure is measured in the mmHg unit of measurement. The term mmHg means millimeters of mercury. The upper value is called systolic blood pressurethat arises when blood from the heart is pumped impulsively into the main artery. The lowest value is called diastolic blood pressure denotes and indicates residual arterial pressure when the heart is relaxing.

Blood values ​​also benefit from red vegetable juice

A clear improvement was also shown with cholesterol values. For example, harmful LDL cholesterol decreased from an average of 155.0 to 149.9 mg / dl in 125 participants with high blood lipid levels. These beneficial effects were similar in both males and females and in all age groups.

The tomato red dye protects the tubes

The secret of tomato juice lies in the variety of its active ingredients: "Tomato juice contains numerous bioactive compounds such as carotenoids, vitamin A, calcium and gamma-aminobutyric acid", the authors write in the journal "Food Science & Nutrition". Combined, they are important in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

A special role is played by the carotenoid lycopene, which gives the tomato its red color. It prevents researchers from discovering that deposits form in the vessels, which increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, the vegetable compound also improves cholesterol synthesis in the liver and regulates blood pressure.

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