Union beats Hertha 1-0: Rafal Gikiewicz stops the chaotic fan - Bundesliga 2

Union beats Hertha 1-0: Rafal Gikiewicz stops the chaotic fan – Bundesliga

This man has courage!

Union goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz (32) holds in the Berlin derby 1-0 against Hertha first cleaned his gate, then stops the fan-chasers who break into the lawn.

What happened?

When, after the whistle of the Hertha block, the rockets in the direction of the Union fly, about 30 hooded ones climb the fence, apparently from the other side of the square until the block of the guests. Police and folders? Mistaken!

<img class = "foto ondemand zoomable" src = "https://bilder.Good king News/fotos-skaliert/weil-im-hertha-fanblock-ordentlich-gezuendelt-wurde-war-das-derby-zwischenzeitlich-unterbrochen- 201276939-65780506 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" Since the Hertha fan block was carefully grouped, in the meantime the derby was interrupted "data-zoom-title = "Because im The Hertha fan block has been carefully grouped, the derby has been interrupted in the meantime

Photo: AFP

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Because in the Hertha fan block was neatly packaged, the derby was interrupted in the meantimePhoto: AFP

Suddenly Gikiewicz gets into the chaos and with the help of some colleagues (Lenz, Friedrich, Schlotterbeck, etc.) He brings them back to the stands. The song of the fans: "Gikiewicz, Gikiewicz!" Strong action of Poland!

Keven Schlotterbeck (22): "We wanted to reject them, it is useless in the square."

Already during the game there are always bad scenes in the stands. The Bengalis continue to burn on both sides. The rockets fly on the grass and in the stands. A bullet hits near the children of Unions Polter.

The attacker: "Terrible! My girlfriend then entered with the children, she saw the game in front of the TV".

<img class = "foto ondemand zoomable" src = "https://bilder.Good king News/fotos-skaliert/eine-rakete-schlaegt-auf-dem-rasen-ein-201277016-65780508/1,w=1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" A rocket hits the grass "data-zoom-title =" A rocket hits the grass

Photo: Thomas F. Strong / Getty Images

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A rocket hits the lawnPhoto: Thomas F. Strong / Getty Images

A rocket almost hits the Union Bank and assistant coach Hoffmann. Fortunately, he will not be hurt. The referee Aytekin does the right thing and sends both teams to the stand.

The referee: "This has nothing to do with football, sad! In coordination with the police, we decided to finish the game."

After 3:23 minutes, the first Bundesliga derby of both teams will continue. Not much else happens on the field – up to the 84th minute!

Boyata kisses Unions Gentner ("It hits me hard on the left leg") in the penalty area Penalty In the video Aytekin sticks to his decision Polter slams the ball under the crossbar – 1: 0 for Union (87.)!

Manager Hertha Michael Preetz (52): "A bad game for our team. The best part was that I saw almost nothing in my position over there …"

Coach Ante Covic (44): "It is important to be standing in front of the Union".

The advantage is only one point …