1968: Richard Nixon achieves his great goal 2

1968: Richard Nixon achieves his great goal

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1968: Richard Nixon achieves his great goal (Source: ullstein bild / TopFoto)

(Source: TopFoto / ullstein bild)

1968: Richard Nixon achieves his great goal

Richard Nixon looks happy in this photo from November 6, 1968. No wonder, because one day the voters voted him as the 37th president of the United States. For Californian Richard Nixon this is a dream come true – after years of disappointment. His career had taken him as a deputy to the House of Representatives, then in the Senate, after all, he had been a long-time vice president under Dwight D. Eisenhower. In the presidential election of 1960, Nixon could therefore justify the hope of inheriting Eisenhower in office. If there hadn't been a young candidate of the democratic opposition named John F. Kennedy who won the race. This was partly due to Nixon's bad reputation. While he had applied in 1951 as a senator for California, his rival made a dirty campaign to create. Soon the Nixon newspapers were nicknamed "Tricky Dick". "Tricky" graciously means "listy" translated, but rather means "durchtrieben". Since President Nixon then wants to write the story, he is ready for an incredibly liberal republican. However, he makes two crucial mistakes: first, the Vietnam war continues, then he acts more than clumsy in the Watergate affair: in 1974 he resigned as president and then came before an impeachment first.

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