Afd earthquake in the CDU of Thuringia: 17 officials call for talks with Höcke - internal politics 2

Afd earthquake in the CDU of Thuringia: 17 officials call for talks with Höcke – internal politics

Talks with Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (63 years on the left), minority mental games with SPD, Verdi and FDP (only 39 seats) and new requests for cooperation with the AfD. The electoral applause in Thuringia is the ordeal for the CDU!

The big question: the CDU in Thuringia is on the right and raises the Af to the nationalist founder "ala" Björn Höcke (47) for the first time in the responsibility of the government? 17 officials from the Thuringian Union ask for exactly this.

It is said that the "Appeal of the members of the Conservative Union in Thuringia" has been circulated in CDU circles. Officials perceive it, as in the letter, as unthinkable that "almost a quarter of voters" in Thuringia "remain before the talks".

Therefore, they chose very similar words as CDU parliamentary member Michael Heym (57), who declared after the elections: "You are not doing democracy a favor if you bounce a quarter of the electorate".

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The CDU had landed in the state elections on October 27 after preliminary results with 21.8% in third place behind the AFD. Heym commented on this with the words: "Mathematically, it is enough for an alliance of AfD, CDU and FDP. I think it should not be excluded from the beginning." Several politicians from the CDU have therefore asked for the Heym's expulsion from the party.

Means: even if the CDU were to speak for a more than controversial alliance with the AfD, even the flight service period should be convinced of this coalition. Otherwise there would be no majority in the Landtag of Erfurt!

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The article does not explicitly mention the AfD, but the direction seems clear.

A decision for or against it should be taken only after open discussions, it was said. Heym "had properly analyzed the situation". Therefore, the signatories of the appeal expect "the state executive to engage with him".

Among the signatories there is the member of the CDU Jörg Kellner (61). He was also president of the "6/1 Investigation Commission" – this worked on the crimes of the "National Socialist underground" (NSU).

The CDU district warns of the Mohring elections

The district administrator of Eichsfeld, Werner Henning (63, CDU), interviewed the Good king News interview against the course, but rather the willingness to speak and, later, a possible cooperation with the left

Now lie down! At the suggestion, the head of the CDU Mike Mohring (47) should compete in the parliamentary elections, warns Henning: "How to succeed without the participation of Mr. Höcke, remains a mystery".

Hennings warning: if the Conservatives cooperate with the legal nationalists, it threatens a democratic Christian split – certainly schonmal in Eichsfeld. He explains: "In the end, every warrant holder will also have to pass his Armageddon".

SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil (41) also warned that the "firewall on the right" in the Union was getting "more and more cracks". He invited the CDU party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (57) to intervene immediately.