Australian footballers should be paid immediately 2

Australian footballers should be paid immediately

Should he, in the future, receive the same salary as men: Australian footballers – also called "Matildas". Photo: Claude Paris / AP / dpa

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Sydney (dpa) – Same money for "Matildas" and "Socceroos": according to information received, Australian national men's and women's football teams will no longer be paid differently.

The Australian media spoke of an historic and unprecedented global agreement reached after months of negotiations with the FFA national football association. National players and their male counterparts – who are less successful internationally – should therefore benefit equally from the advertising revenues and premiums of the association. In any event, when the agreement will cross the last legal hurdles, which according to the newspaper "Daily Telegraph" is still expected this week.

Under the new rules, players would receive 40% in the future instead of the previous 30% of advertising revenue. Much more remarkable than this increase, however, is that the sum should be evenly distributed between teams of both sexes. Representatives of the selection of women and men had long been in agreement with each other to establish a sign of equal rights. Apparently, their union representatives have now imposed this line on the association.

In practice, the men – currently ranked 41 in the world rankings and never better than 21st place – still earn more than women, because the FFA can not be influenced by the prize money, as in the football World Cup , usually much higher. The Matildas are doing much better in international comparison: they are currently eighth in the world and have even been temporarily fourth in 2017.

Placement of the female selection

Placement of the men's selection

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