Basic pension: Angela Merkel urges CDU to surrender to the basic pension 2

Basic pension: Angela Merkel urges CDU to surrender to the basic pension

The grand coalition has discussed the rent of the land for months. At the center of the conflict between the Union and the SPD is the so-called media test, or the question of which conditions must be met in order for someone to receive this additional advantage and if the need should be assessed individually. The SPD says no, the union does.

Now Chancellor Merkel has positioned herself on the issue.

At the meeting of the faction of the Union, Merkel described it, the participants solicited a compromise in the afternoon, which was developed by a coalition-level working group on the topic.

Many people, Merkel said at the meeting, would work for many years on very low incomes. He could only ask the Union if he wanted to remain a Popular Party, which did not constantly tell the examples of the owners of villas. Rather, the members of the Union should "look around", as it was with the baker, or the cleaning staff or logistics companies. They should also be voters of the Union, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, he said, according to these statements, to the great applause of the deputies.

The Chancellor pointed out that the pension insurance should hire 5,000 new employees if they were to be responsible for the basic pension. It would be necessary to build a new Grundsicherungsamt. This was not taken into consideration when negotiating the coalition agreement.

In fact, the wording of the coalition agreement had been removed, but not because the SPD wanted it that way. Rather, also because the Union had no answer to how to run a basic pension. If the prepared bill is properly coordinated by the leaders of the coalition, it will end with a test of necessity based on what the Union is looking for.

However, at the group meeting, according to the participants, there were also several voices asking for an assessment of the acute need compared to the proposed work group.

These deputies have asked for a review of income and wealth, he said. The result of Sunday's coalition committee will be discussed again next week in the Union faction. This should also play a role in Monday's party committees. Reportedly, the head of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer did not speak during the meeting.