Customers can rebook for free: Lufthansa complains about the strike and wants to talk 2

Customers can rebook for free: Lufthansa complains about the strike and wants to talk

To avoid the upcoming strikes at the last moment, Lufthansa pulls out all the stops. Invite the various cabin unions to a conversation – at the same time he complains about the airline. The fronts are extremely hard. Customers should be able to avoid conflict for free.

Lufthansa wants to prevent the 48-hour strike announced by flight attendants on Thursday. CEO Carsten Spohr invited the most important representatives of competing unions in the cabin for a crisis interview. In addition, the group filed a temporary injunction against the UFO union at the Frankfurt labor court, as confirmed by the judiciary. On Wednesday the court wants to examine whether Ufo with industrial action at the central company Lufthansa pursues legal tariff targets.

Previously, the union had rejected a request for talks by Lufthansa as "fake to the public" the day before. Ufo asks about 21,000 Lufthansa flight attendants to pay higher fees and allowances, as well as better access for seasonal workers to regular work. However, the entire tariff conflict also concerns the question raised by the Group about whether Ufo can even apply collective bargaining agreements for on-board personnel.

Spohr's invitation sees the criticism of the UFO boss Sylvia de la Cruz, but wants to follow her. "Although the journey through the public and the circle of distributors suggests that everything is a PR measure, I think it is right that Spohr, as a pilot of the conflict, is also the one in search of an exit," he said. . In addition to UFOs, representatives of competing unions Verdi and Cabin Union are also invited.

"No recognizable changed attitude"

Before a possible cancellation of the strike, UFO vice president Daniel Flohr requested further signals from the other party: "As long as the company writes non-binding letters, but at the same time maintains the status procedure and other legal actions against the 39; UFO, we cannot see any change in attitude ". In a status quo scheduled for April 2020, Lufthansa wants the labor court to check whether the UFO is still a bargaining union.

On Monday, for the first time in many months, Lufthansa was ready to talk to the union, but his current council does not want to recognize him as authorized to represent him. The company has been negotiating since February 15, when the new elected UFO council is in charge. Before there could be "procedural polls for the preparation of this appointment", we read in a letter to the UFO suggestion. Vice President Ufo Flohr said: "Process surveys do not replace negotiations, it is not enough to talk about the time and place of appointments for three and a half months".

Ufo fears, in particular, that the Group will conclude collective cabin agreements with the competing Verdi union. The DGB union has summoned Lufthansa to speak, but in the past it has not the majority of the main company employees behind it.

Special flight schedule and replacement tickets

Lufthansa wants to publish a special flight program for the strike days scheduled until Wednesday at noon. Offers customers free full transfer options. Anyone with a ticket for the strike days scheduled for Thursday and Friday can rebook this time once on a Lufthansa Group flight within the next ten days. German domestic flights can also be converted into train tickets via the Lufthansa website. It does not matter if the originally booked flight did not actually succeed.

On average, the Lufthansa Group claims to offer 1540 daily connections. Of these, 580 are departures for Germany and 380 again for the Lufthansa core brand. The exact data for the planned strike days have not yet been mentioned. The threat of strike of the union up to now includes only the departures of the Lufthansa from Germany. However, the union has already threatened to expand on Monday.

After the polls, it is also on strike in four other Lufthansa operations. In detail are Germanwings, Eurowings Germany, LufthansaCityLine and SunExpress Germany. In the dispute, Ufo organized a 19-hour warning strike on 20 October at the four Lufthansa branches and canceled more than 100 flights. At that time even a strike was threatened with his mother Lufthansa, who was later canceled at short notice. The last regular UFO strike at the main Lufthansa company dates back to 2015.