Duchess Meghan: She's fighting for a modern monarchy - and could break her 2

Duchess Meghan: She's fighting for a modern monarchy – and could break her

Anyone who marries in a royal family as a commoner needs allies. Otherwise, a farm survival, which looks like a shark tank, does not create. Kate (37 years old) immediately understood. She is careful not to focus too much on herself and to be good with her new parents. At Letizia of Spain (47), however, this realization took a little. She considered that as a successful TV presenter, she did not respect the royal rules and that she was therefore hostile to the palace until they gave up their opposition to the protocol. . A fate of which Meghan (38) could have learned. However, she decided to go into attack mode and fight with Harry (35) for a modern monarchy. A role that she is not up to and could even break.

After her emotional and highly controversial confession in the television documentary "Harry & Meghan: A Trip to Africa", the Duchess Meghan was shown confident and positive in her first appearance. Also his outfit was an absolute eye-catcher! In the video below, you will learn more.

Purple mood: First appearance after emotional confession

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To understand why Meghan has been scrambled with Queen (93), Charles (70), William (37) and Kate, one has to look at the beginnings of their relationship. Harry and Meghan come from different worlds but have a lot in common. Both come from broken families. Harry's childhood was marked by his parents' fremdgeh conflicts and frasades. Meghan comes from a mosaic family whose members hate each other. As the only relative, she invited her mother to the wedding. The Duchess feels excluded from society because she has been exposed to racist hostility as a "woman of color". In addition, during her television career, she suffered from the usual Hollywood sexism, which is also prevalent in the UK.

Harry's trauma is the death of his mother Diana († 36 years old), who, he said, was pushed to death by paparazzi. Two deeply injured people fell in love with what then decided to do everything differently and to fight together for justice. A suggestion that meets with little respect in the conservative British royal family.

Being royal means putting your own happiness aside for a higher purpose: to unite and protect the kingdom. A challenge that every day Elizabeth II masters brilliantly. Being too radical in expressing one's opinion, moaning and associating oneself with one's subjects is fatal. The philosophy that underlies it: if a royal is not special and does not represent the interests of all, the people do not need the monarchy. But that's exactly what Meghan does: instead of allowing a legal break, she greets people in greeting.

In her speeches she is at the same level as the audience and emphasizes: "I am one of you." In an interview for a television documentary, she confessed to tears that her life on Harry's side was not a fairy tale, as there is almost no one paying attention if she is happy. And she insulted the British who, in their opinion, are unable to express their emotions. This caused the palace to disagree, furthermore, the documentary was not discussed with the queen. Meghan's complaint against Mail on Sunday, which published a private letter to her father, 75-year-old Thomas Markle, also makes no difference. Now, a mud battle threatens the court. Meghan's father announced that he would testify against his daughter, claiming that his allegation that the statements contained in the letter had been falsified was false.

Meghan and Harry had very well planned and staged this performance. In any case nothing was left to chance.

Intelligently staged! This performance was not accidental

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All this means that the British press barely speaks positively of Meghan and Harry. Therefore, the duchess tries to score in her old house. The American news channel CNN quoted one of its confidants as saying that Meghan feels unjustly treated, because after all, Harry and she had "modernized the monarchy on its own". A palace employee responded diplomatically to the Daily Mail, but with humor: "Family affairs are quietly discussed in the royal house behind closed doors, and what is happening right now is not helpful."

Stefan leaf

Your offense

1st argument with Kate

Instead of using her beloved sister-in-law as a mentor, Meghan parted from her.

2. too close to people

"I am one of you", that is the message of Meghan. It's nice and modern, but not royal.

3. Indiscreet

Meghan sues the British press while providing information to the US media.

4. Disagreement with the father

Because she broke off contact, Thomas Markle is trying to hurt him. Employees demand that she put an end to the quarrel.

5. unmanageable

Meghan stubbornly defends herself against the royal advisers and their counsels.