Florida: the pregnant woman sells a thief with a semi-automatic rifle 2

Florida: the pregnant woman sells a thief with a semi-automatic rifle

It was nine o'clock at night and Jeremy King was at his home in Lithia, Florida, when two armed men entered through the back door, muffled by masks and hoods. "As soon as they opened the back door," King "Bay News 9" reported, "they pointed a gun at me and grabbed my eleven-year-old daughter." King tried to talk to them. "I told them & # 39; I have nothing for you & # 39 ;, and they said & # 39; give us all that you & # 39 ;, which quickly became very brutal."

King describes one of the thieves who hit him with a gun, the other kicked him in the head. The unrest attracted his wife, who wanted to see what was causing the noise – and immediately had to avoid a bullet. The woman, eight months pregnant, disappeared from the room and grabbed a semi-automatic weapon, the AR-15, which the family had legally in the house. He came back, shot the thieves and hit one of them.

American pride in the weapon

King describes his wife's approach as follows: "When he entered the field of vision near the back door, he targeted him and did it from the back door about 60 feet across the trench before the AR made his work." The man was later found dead in the moat, the other thief fled after shooting his friend.

King summarizes the situation as if referring to an original shooter game. "The boys came with two normal guns and my AR stopped them, my wife had the same chances and prevented them from killing me." King notes that he had an ocular rupture, a frontal sinus eruption and a concussion, and was treated with "20 points and three paperclips on his head".

After the second thief continues to be searched.

sources: "Bay News 9"