From the boy to the skeleton: Matthew McConaughey got the curve 2

From the boy to the skeleton: Matthew McConaughey got the curve

At the beginning of his career Matthew McConaughey could be considered a beautiful surfer boy among women spectators. But at the latest with "Dallas Buyers Club" manages the change of the image. Now the Texan 50 – and holds the reins of his career.

In a survey, his body was voted "the best top of the world". And he could also call the "Sexiest Man Alive" award in 2005. But nothing comes from nothing – Matthew McConaughey knows all too well. And so the actor has interpreted the perfect transformation from the whisper of the woman to the exceptional cinematographic talent. He retained little more than his pervasive southern accent – successfully. Now, November 4, 2019, he celebrates his fiftieth birthday.

The Texan, son of a gas station and a teacher, was never shy from work. Not only does his daily training make it clear. When he went to Australia for a year after high school, he got his hands dirty to wash the dishes and clean up the chicken sheds. Back in Texas, he wanted to do something clean: lawyer. But he soon realized that his real preference was for acting. In 1993 he graduated from the "Film" degree course at the University of Texas.

Innovation as a lawyer

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<p class=His role in "The Jury" alongside Sandra Bullock led McConaughey to the breakthrough.

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His turn, however, had a role as a lawyer: in the adaptation of John Grisham's book "The Jury" (1996), he played Jake Brigance. The scene in which he described to the jury the image of the rape of a white girl, even the critics under the skin. Later McConaughey in "The Client" (2011) again in the role of his nearly-occupied brood.

What started with a short secondary role in "Sex and the City" (2000) continued into the years "00: McConaughey took a picture of a blond surfer boy with dreamy eyes, who has women's hearts melted, especially in romantic comedies brought. Both with Jennifer Lopez as dreamer Eddie in "Wedding Planner – In Love, Engaged, Planned" (2001), with Kate Hudson as a reckless journalist Ben in "How will I get rid of him – in 10 days?" (2003) and with Penélope Cruz as adventurous Dirk in "Sahara – Desert Adventures" (2005) – McConaughey was allowed to smile from time to time in front of the camera with Who & # 39; s Who Hollywoods.

Wedding 2012

Only the future woman of her heart, Camilla Alves, was not initially struck by McConaughey – in the beginning she didn't even recognize him. "At the beginning I didn't know who he was, at that time he had a very long beard and was wearing a Rasta hat," the Brazilian model said in a television interview on their first meeting in 2007, when they met in a club on Sunset Boulevard,

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<p class=He has been married to Camilla Alves since 2012.

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But Alves was also enchanted by the charm of McConaughey: Three days later, they left for the first time, since 2012 they are married and now they have three children: Levi (11), Vida (9) and Livingston (6).

Family and metamorphosis

After founding his family, McConaughey also metamorphosed acting. After the epic role in "The Client" and deep episodes like "The Paperboy" (2012) or "Mud" (2012), 2013 had to be followed by a project that would change his future career: for the part of the # 39 ; homophobic rodeo-macho Ron Woodroof, who falls ill with AIDS in the 80's and becomes an activist, starved Matthew McConaughey up to 60 kilograms.

The first beauty was suddenly just skin and bones. All the half-naked scenes in swimsuits in front of the dream beaches of the world no longer counted, but only talent. Alongside Jared Leto McConaughey he embodied his role in the "Dallas Buyers Club" with such force that he was awarded the following year with an Oscar for best actor. "Many didn't believe me in this role, so maybe that's why I'm so proud of this job?" Says in an interview at the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" in 2014.

How to flip

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<p class=His role in "Dallas Buyers Club" earned him the Oscar.

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With "Dallas Buyers Club" McConaughey broke away from the flaw of "Easy Livin" actor, who takes off his shirt to cash in millions. By the way, in agreement with his wife, he made extra money for the move to sophisticated films to ensure his family's standard of living. The strategy has paid off: the same year he saw it in the acclaimed "Wall Street Wolf", followed by the sophisticated HBO detective series "True Detective", "Interstellar" by Christopher Nolan or the drug film "White Boy Rick".

"I've been in Hollywood for so long that I know how the business game works, it's like throwing, you can't be a bullet, you have to sit next to the pulsating buttons," McConaughey said. The strategy seems to have worked. And so McConaughey is 50 years old – to stay in the language of the pinball – closer to the jackpot than to the inclination.