Hermann Gerland - because the return of the Bavarian legend is good news 2

Hermann Gerland – because the return of the Bavarian legend is good news

A ticker was recorded on the FC Bayern homepage for the first interim coach Hansi Flick. After the expulsion of Niko Kovac there is much information needed. The voice of the 11:25 clock appeared under the heading: "Gerland is back in the middle". The following text read: "In the meantime, the balls come into play and the monk enters the circular game Hermann Gerland is standing there and gives noisy instructions – as if he had never been away".

These words speak of admiration, but also of relief in a phase in which Bayern falters in an athletic way. Gerland, meanwhile 65 years old and gray, is an institution at Bayern. For worried followers, it's already reassuring news that Gerland has returned to the coaching team. Because no matter how many times Säbener Straße instructors have changed in recent years, Gerland was (almost) always on the bench.

Hermann Gerland has trained numerous players for great players

His almost legendary reputation earned him Gerland as coach of the junior team, which he coached twice (from 1990 to 1995 and from 2001 to 2009). He missed national players such as Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, Thomas Mueller, Toni Kroos, Mats Hummels and David Alaba the final touches: "Of all the coaches they are the softest If one of my boys did, I have tears in my eyes" , said the "Westphalian Dickskull", once the DPA news agency.

His second career began in 2009, with Jupp Heynckes making Gerland a junior coach. The Bavarians had just finished the experimental phase under Jürgen Klinsmann with motives of power and statues of Buddha. Heynckes took over as an emergency aide for the remaining five seasons. The fact that Gerland, who enjoyed many awards in the club, appointed the coaching team, was also reassuring news for the rebel trailer. Gerland brought the rough charm of the Ruhrpotts to the FCB clubhouse as the son of the Bochum miner and embodied the best football tradition with a talent for talent.

He remained in the work for eight years: Heynckes was followed by Louis van Gaal, Heynckes, Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti and again Heynckes – with solid reliability Hermann Gerland remained as co-coach after every change of coach. Looking back, it was perhaps one of Niko Kovac's many mistakes that he didn't call Gerland on his team of coaches. Bring the DNA of Bayern, know the players, respect it. Perhaps Kovac would not have lost the thread with the team so quickly. Maybe.

Collage: Niko Kovac and comments from Twitter

Pleasant atmosphere for Bayern stars

Now Hansi Flick wears the two games against Olympiacos Piraeus (Wednesday from 18.55 on star-Liveticker) and against Borussia Dortmund (Saturday from 18.30 clock) the responsibility. And it has already done something right: it blends perfectly with the Hermann Gerland tradition. On Sunday, after being appointed interim coach, the news is immediately followed: Hermann Gerland is again co-director. "I'm glad Hermann Gerland intervened because he's so experienced," Flick said at the press conference for the Champions League match against the Olympiakos.

A certain atmosphere of well-being, the Bayern professionals obviously need. The team's uncertainty has recently been great. In the 1: 5 defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt, the team surrendered helpless in its destiny, even though it had one less man on the field. The defensive is the child's big problem. Stabilizing them will be the biggest challenge for Flick. Gerland will assist with competent advice.

After all, Flick has betrayed so much training: Thomas Müller and Javier Martinez will play. Kovac had mostly left out both players. Flick stressed that he denies the training "with his team". "Football is not an individual show, I would make a mistake if I didn't include everyone," he said, and it is safe to assume that Gerland had a say in these staff decisions.

The future of Flicks and Gerland is open

What the future will bring to staff decisions or tactical changes, regarding Flick, has been silent. And the trainer looks for? Responding to his ambitions, Flick answered evasively. "I say one thing and this is all I said, I am not a person who lives in the past or in the future, the present is fundamental for me", said the coach. Gerland will think in a similar way. The man is always there, both as an assistant coach and as head of the junior center. You can count on this.