Kamen: two years wounded at the station - 31 years he gives the launch of a bottle from the train 2

Kamen: two years wounded at the station – 31 years he gives the launch of a bottle from the train

The suspicious man after the important bottle-throwing at Kamen station turned to the police again. After initially speaking of a mistake, the 31-year-old now admitted to having thrown the bottle. The Dortmund police reported this.

According to investigators, the glass bottle thrown out of the train had bounced off an obstacle on Friday – and had hit a two-year-old boy who was at the train station on his father's arm. The girl was seriously injured, temporarily in danger of death and had to undergo surgery.

In his renewed contact with the police, the Moers man in the Rhineland, according to officials, said he was seriously intoxicated and carelessly threw the bottle from the window. He was not aware of the fact that the passing train was at the height of a railway station at that time.

Travelers collect donations for the girl

Last Sunday, the man claimed that the bottle had fallen out of the window while handling a suitcase. The police said the man corrected this information.

Officials had previously searched the launcher from the train at high speed. On Friday they took a stop in Greven, with the personalities of about 500 passengers. Later, passengers could continue their journey to the North Sea. On the way back from the weekend trip, the suspect finally confronted the police.

Two police officers had boarded the return train on the return journey. Among other things, with loudspeaker announcements, they had tried to solve the case. Already on Sunday it was said that witnesses had loaded a pitcher of bottles. He is accused of negligent assault.

Among the traveling companions, the incident had caused great solidarity with the injured girl and her family, said the managing director of the tour operator, Bernd Niemeyer: "During the return journey, they started a campaign fundraising and have collected a sum of four figures on the train ".