News from Germany: 15 year old forced into prostitution - accused in silence 2

News from Germany: 15 year old forced into prostitution – accused in silence

Dortmund: girls bought and forced into prostitution – the defendants are silent

Because she bought her 15-year-old daughter for 100 euros from a Bulgarian mother and forced her into prostitution, a 54-year-old woman has been in court since Tuesday. The defendant, also a Bulgarian, brought the girl to Dortmund in 2006 to do her job as a prostitute. "I just cried," said the 29-year-old victim as a witness in court. The accused did not comment on the charges at the trial in the Dortmund district court.

According to the prosecution, the fifteen-year-old then had to work in a brothel in Dortmund. The accused should have been previously instructed in various practices and would also have given prices. Already on his first night, the girl is said to have been fed with eight men. She herself was completely unaware, according to her own statements. "I didn't know what to do in Germany," he told the judges. "I just drove because my mother said it."

She was not allowed to keep any of her income. She had once hidden 80 euros in her bra because she had been beaten. He dared not run away: "I was afraid".

In a previous trial, the husband of the accused had already been convicted. He was sentenced to five years and eight months in prison for trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation. His wife had been arrested later.

source: DPA

Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein: "scared" 18-year-old car released by a drunk driver

The police itself writes in its press release of an "odyssey" that an 18-year-old man had to experience last night. Based on this, the officers received a call from a worried friend of the young woman at 2.30am. This stated that the eighteen year old was sitting in the car of a friend of the same age, who "completely drunk" and "clash" in Hilchenbacher's room go around and do not want the woman to come down.

Several patrol cars then went in search of the man's vehicle. At the same time he tried another official, the young woman in the car by phone to reach – successfully. In conversation, the eighteen year old confirmed that she was sitting in the car, moving for some time between different places in the region and the driver did not let them get off.

Meanwhile, the car of a patrol patrol in Hilchenbach, which was driving at a very high speed, fell on it and shortly thereafter could be stopped at Herzhausen. In addition to the driver, the eighteen-year-old "scared but visibly relieved" in the vehicle could be detected.

Further investigation showed that the defendant had taken the woman to actually go to Cologne with her. But nothing came of it. Instead, it is said that the eighteen year old remained in the region and, at times, traveled 160 km / h despite the fog and the damp roads – with consequences. He then left the road near Altenteich and touched in the episode, a guardrail, before continuing the journey undaunted and again at a significantly excessive speed. The man was taken a blood sample and his driving license was secured.

source: Siegen-Wittgenstein District Police Department

Berlin: the underground stops due to the imminent birth

A pregnant woman has planned an unplanned subway stop in Berlin. The unusual reason for the twenty-minute stop at Friedrichsfelde station: an "imminent birth", as a fire brigade spokesman said Tuesday afternoon. An ambulance was sent to the station and brought from there to the hospital. But in the beginning he could not tell if it was actually on the spot, in the ambulance or only in the hospital until birth, said the fire brigade spokesman. A spokesman for the Berlin Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) stated that the passengers had left the train at the Friedrichsfelde station and had warned the driver. This had contacted the fire department.

source: DPA

Ellwangen: twelve injured in a failed experiment

In a failed chemistry experiment, twelve people were injured Tuesday in Ellwangen, Baden-Württemberg. The two teachers and ten students reported injuries by inhalation of vapors, as announced by the Aalen police headquarters. As a result, there was a fire when a third-grade teacher wanted to conduct an experiment. The vapors have been released.

The teacher was able to extinguish the fire by herself and left the chemistry hall independently with another teacher and 19 students. Firefighters in protective overalls detected sulfur fumes in the classroom, which could be released after airing.

While the teacher who conducted the experiment came to the hospital, the other eleven injured were treated on the spot. Because of the excitement at school due to the accident, the principal stopped teaching the whole school and fired the students at home.

source: DPA

Bückeburg: pizza deliveries launch the Kundin pizza in the face

First, the pizza was coming long, then it was surprisingly fast on the way to the mouth: a obviously angry pizza delivery guy threw a pizza in Lower Saxony Bückeburg their pizza in the face. Since the woman took delivery Monday night too long, she finally refused pizza, as announced by police on Tuesday. The messenger then took the pizza from the box and delivered it from a distance of about one meter in a way all its own – outrageous, but small, as the police discovered. As the woman felt a "slight burn" in the face, the police filed a lawsuit for assault.

source: DPA

news germany - process hildesheim

The accused (left) sits in the courtroom with her lawyer before the trial begins

Hildesheim: scalded former friend – in revenge for the killed dog

A 29-year-old confessed to pouring boiling water on her ex-girlfriend. In the evening, beginning in 2018, he realized that the woman had brutally killed his beloved mini-Chihuahua Mila, claimed the defendant in the district court of Hildesheim. The dog had been a baby kit for her and her husband. Half a year earlier, the animal had been covered in blood, gutted and uncovered with the tongue cut off in the home of acquaintances. The 29-year-old is accused of a serious and dangerous danger to life. On Tuesday his victim had to be heard as a witness, the woman suffered severe burns and was temporarily in danger of death.

source: DPA

news germany - abduction to ax-man

The policemen are standing in front of a forbidden area in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach

Hoppstädten-Weiersbach: with an armed ax killed by a blow to the head

An armed with a 26-year-old ax from Rhineland-Palatinate was killed by a police officer with a blow to the head, according to investigators. "Suppose he died immediately," chief prosecutor Michael Brandt said Monday after the autopsy in Bad Kreuznach. The blow hit the man's head from the front. For the circumstances of the deadly use of firearms is now in further investigations.

The Eritrean had been on the road for hours with a hatchet in the Hoppstädten-Weiersbach community on Saturday and had a threatened man hit and investigated on a car. After a major manhunt, the prosecutor's aggressive man was then hit by a police officer. The 26-year-old's motives were not yet clear on Monday.

source: DPA

Raubling: motorists stopped with cocaine worth half a million euros

Cocaine worth half a million euros was secured by investigators in Bavaria. A 48-year-old hid 8.8 pounds of drugs in his car, police said Tuesday. He was stopped and checked on the A8 at Raubling near Chiemsee. The man was going to the Europe of the East. He was sent back, the police investigated.

source: DPA

Bonn: an unknown man hits side windows on 28 cars

A stranger hit the side windows in Bonn for a total of 28 cars. In addition, three windows were destroyed on Tuesday night, police said. As a result, the proceedings occurred in the city center and in several other parts of the city.

The police initiated an investigation and a search, during which there were indications of a cyclist dressed in black, which could be related to the facts. The officials asked for clues to possible witnesses.

source: AFP

Frankfurt: Flixbus catches fire

In Frankfurt am Main, a Flixbus went up in flames last night. As reported by the FFH radio station, the bus driver sat alone on the bus when the fire broke out. How it came to the fire is not yet clear. The fire had broken out in the engine compartment. According to the first investigations, the cause could have been a technical defect. Meanwhile, the roadway had to be completely blocked during the fire works. No one was injured.

A Flixbus is located with the back burned on the Friedberger motorway in the northeast of the city.

Because suddenly the Flixbus caught fire is not yet clear

source: Hit FFH radio

A30: The truck breaks through the guardrail – highway blocked on one side

After an accident, a truck on the A30 broke through the parapet and caused a closure in the middle of the highway. The incident occurred at night near Salzbergen near the border with the Netherlands, a police spokesman said in the morning. At first it was not clear why the garbage-laden truck left the aisle by the border and broke through the outer railing. The driver of the semi-trailer, which stopped on a slope from the other side of the road, suffered minor injuries. Until the truck could be recovered, the A30 remains closed in the Netherlands, the police spokesman said.

source: DPA

News from Monday 4 November

Ellerbek: witness for attempted rape

In Ellerbek (Schleswig-Holstein), a 23-year-old woman barely escaped rape on Sunday. The police said the woman was coming home early in the morning when a man approached her from an unknown direction.

After the ongoing investigations, the unknown initially touched the 23-year-old before he pulled her to the ground. As a result, the woman struggled massively against her attacker and bit him within reach. Subsequently, the victim escaped, the author was also removed from the scene.

To investigate the alleged perpetrator, the police are now hoping to get evidence from witnesses. Because of the darkness, according to the police, there is only a vague description of the man, who was described by young people aged 23 as quite young, small and thin-skinned. The tip of the bite finger is currently the subject of scientific investigation, the police writes. Relevant information is received from officials on 04101-2020.

source: Bad Segeberg police

Fürth: firefighters save the beaver from the wastewater treatment plant

Fürth firefighters released a beaver from the situation. Rescuers had to board the secondary clarifier of a former wastewater treatment plant on Monday. Using a shovel, the helpers led the rodent into a small box of animals and carried him to safety. For the most part, the beaver had even swum in the pits, the fire department announced Monday. After the city of Fürth had given the go-ahead to Commissioner Beaver, the exhausted animal, but otherwise not injured, had been released again.

source: DPA

Bad Wörishofen: the missing three-year-old boy had just hidden away

As a 16-year-old failed to find his little brother, the police had to move to the Swabian Wörishofen. The older brother should take care of the boy, but he fell asleep on Sunday afternoon, police said Monday. After waking up, he searched the whole house, but could not find the three-year-old boy anywhere. Even before the patrol arrived at the home address, the teenager still discovered his little brother. He hid under a blanket.

source: DPA

Völklingen: children throw stones at collectors of pounds

Under his mother's eyes, three students in Völklingen's Saarland threw stones at two bottle collectors on Sunday afternoon and injured them slightly. The police reported that children aged between 8 and 10 verbally offended a husband and wife for a supermarket. They then threw stones and bottles at the couple and hit the woman on the head. The mother of the children should not have intervened, but after the incident with the alleged stone throwers she would have proceeded. So far the police have no further information on the children and their mother. They should have shoulder-length black hair and a backpack at the time of the crime. Police take evidence of witnesses from Völklingen.

source: AFP

Darmstadt: 18 year old convicted of murder after a fatal accident

After a fatal accident in a highway parking lot in southern Hesse, an eighteen-year-old was convicted of murder. The district court in Darmstadt imposed a juvenile sentence of six years and four months against him on Monday, a court spokesman said. In December he had run his car on a family's parked car. The 39-year-old mother was killed.

His son was also seriously injured in the accident. The defendant had already fled from the police because he was traveling without a license. In a parking lot on Highway 5 in Heppenheim he drove it with the family car.

source: AFP

Leipzig: Presumably left employees of the real estate company attached

Suspected two hooded left-wing extremists attacked Leipzig, the employee of a real estate company in her apartment and wounded. The 34-year-old was shot in the act on Sunday night by blows, the state criminal police office said Monday. The attackers fled. The real estate company is currently building a house with expensive condominiums in the alternative district of Connewitz. On a website on the left there is a text that represents the woman's "home visit" as a resistance to the construction project.

The author has threatened that the builders must be clear "participating in an attack on a space of the radical left and that this attack will be answered". The police therefore suspect a left-wing extremist background.

The mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung (SPD) abruptly condemned the act. A border has been crossed. "The myth spread by the extremist left-wing scene according to which we are violent only against things and state institutions, but not against people, is exposed as it has always been: a lie." The rule of law must also prevail against leftist violence.

source: DPA

Dresden: the man builds the swastika with LED lights for his apartment

A man built a swastika of LED lights on the wall in his apartment in Dresden. Passers-by shouted to the police after seeing the Nazi symbol of a square meter on Monday night from outside, as announced by the Dresden police.

While searching for the 39-year-old apartment, the officials then found a crossbow, an assault rifle replica and stickers and books with National Socialist content. The man must now answer for using the marks of unconstitutional organizations.

source: AFP

Plettenberg: the man steals the emergency doctor while using the mobile phone

While emergency paramedics fought for the life of a patient in a house in Plettenberg, Brandenburg, a 32-year-old man stole his cell phone on Thursday. The police reported that a witness was watching the man climb the RTW, go out, hide something in the bushes and disappear into a house. The ambulance staff only noticed during the loading of the patient that the telephone was missing. The witness informed the local police that he was following the stranger. When the police rang the bell, the suspect hid in the attic. In front of the prosecution, the suspect initially denied the deed. In the end, he broke in and officially showed where he hid the smartphone. The police secured and returned it to the ambulance crew.

source: Police Märkischer Kreis

Schwerin: Reiterhof family because of drug trafficking in court

Due to allegations of drug trafficking by bandits, three members of a family must respond in front of the Schwerin district court. The prosecution accused the 54- and 53-year-old couple and their 34-year-old daughter between 2013 and 2016 on their large-scale cannabis ranch farm in Ludwigslust-Parchim district and sold the resulting marijuana. During this time, they would have to hire about 597,000 euros for at least 140 kilograms of drugs.

The court at the beginning of the trial on Monday called a so-called mutual agreement. The desire to make a confession against the assurance of a maximum sentence is explored. The accused husband and a son of the family had already been sentenced to more than four years in prison at the end of 2017 for similar crimes.

source: DPA

Kirchheim: Uber experiences driving in the countryside

The Uber automotive broker is in Germany in six major cities on the road – now he ventures for the first time in the country. In the small town of Kirchheim, in the Munich district, Uber now offers trips at a fixed price of five euros, including between Kirchheim and five neighboring villages. From midnight until five in the morning, Uber will travel to Munich or return for a fixed price of 15 euros, said German chief Christoph Weigler on Monday.

"With the pilot project we want to understand how an on-demand driver service can work even in less densely populated regions and under the challenges of the current German legal framework," said Weigler. In rural areas and in the area surrounding the metropolis there are almost no alternatives to cars. The test should be performed for at least three months. Public subsidies do not give it, stressed a company spokesman.

source: DPA

Moers: the angry cyclist attacks motorists during unloading

Saturday in Moers the dispute between a cyclist and a motorist ended with a fury. According to police, a 42-year-old Moerser stopped a car on the pedestrian and bicycle lane to unload his car. A passing cyclist was so upset that he threw the bike on the ground and strangled the driver. The fight against the attack, so that the cyclist crashed, but recovered and fled. The police are now looking for a man who has been described as:

50-55 years, height 180-185 cm, southern aspect, gray hair, gray mustache. He was wearing jeans and a beige winter jacket. He was traveling with a silver-colored men's bike. Please contact the Moers police, tel: 02841 / 171-0.

source: Police Moers

Striegistal: died in the explosion in a residential building

After an explosion in a residential building in Striegistal, Saxony, with a dead man investigating criminal investigations. Residents called the police on Sunday after hearing a loud bang from a nearby property, police said Sunday evening. Rescuers and police found signs of detonation at home and found a body. Also found at home, a 21 year old, slightly injured and taken to the hospital as a precaution. Further details were not initially available. The investigation was still ongoing in the evening.

source: DPA

Albstadt: slight earthquake on the Swabian Alb

A slight earthquake shook parts of Alb Svevo on Monday night. The epicenter of the 3.8 magnitude earthquake was north of Albstadt (Zollernalbkreis), as announced by the Southwestern Seismological Service on Monday. The earthquakes of 1.59 were probably within a perceived range of about 30 kilometers. Police around 40 kilometers away Tuttlingen said on Twitter that he had reported several citizens.

Initially the damage was unknown to the police. Only in summer the earth was shaken several times in the Lake Constance region. The strongest earthquake struck 3.7 at the end of July.

source: DPA

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