Robert Lewandowski and neuro-athletics: so he pulls his goals 2

Robert Lewandowski and neuro-athletics: so he pulls his goals

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The DFB Academy is looking everywhere to get German football out of the stagnation phase.

Manuel Baum now feels a little liberated. After being promoted to head coach of FC Augsburg almost three years ago, the football teacher quickly joined the professionals, but in late April, the long harmonious marriage with Bavarian Swabia was broken. The native Landshuter, who is now building a house in Munich, now knows that the so-called regression is proving to be an invigorating advance. "I can finally go off the beaten track, and the sideways glance is part of the daily life of the Bundesliga, otherwise it is hardly possible."

Since the 40-year-old works not only as a national under-20 coach for the German Football Federation (DFB), but also in coach education, the unexpected nature opens new horizons .

DFB Academy Frankfurt-Niederrad looking for potential

As the new DFB Academy has not yet emerged on a huge site in the district of Niederrad in Frankfurt, individual events of the department in charge of Oliver Bierhoff are outsourced several times. Baum was meticulously prepared for a workshop on Monday in a venue dedicated to events in Berlin. He dissected interesting scenes in which he explained his latest hobby, the "hidden potentials".

Robert Lewandowski: Repetitive patterns speak for the method

Psychology, cognition and associated neuro-athletics play a role in this regard. It sounds complicated, but just look at what's best in the world: Robert Lewandowski likes to shoot at the last moment, then aims exactly in the other corner, in which the Bayern scorer is facing an effort solo. Atletico's striker, Diego Costa, often protects the ball at the same time and keeps the defender away from his hand. Liverpool striker Jordan Henderson did not participate in Bayern Champions League round of 16 Thiago Thiago in any duels or physical contact. If such patterns are repeated, there is a method behind that. Baum recounted how, as FCA coach, he had copied the last case. "It worked against Dortmund because they did not know that look, it went wrong against Leipzig, because the referee whistled us all the duels." He's now looking to see if this can be incorporated into the training of young footballers German. If German football wants to return to the top of the world, work leads to the last detail.

Bierhoff presents shocking statistics

DFB director Bierhoff was sitting relaxed in front of Baum's lecture. The football development professor had already dropped his key phrase in the Bundestag of the DFB: "We no longer have the pool of talent in the quality and quantity that we would like. We have to move on to the next step, and everyone understands it. "Fortunately, the DFB and the LDF agree that stagnation in talent promotion or coaching training should be shared." Shocking "calls at 51 years only the statistics on service times of the German international under-21 in the Bundesliga A sweet revolution has already experienced the training of football coach under the new direction of Daniel Niedzkowski.

DFB seeks links in American football

Currently trained coaches can work longer in clubs. Less presence time and head-on lessons are captured by a "digital campus" where aspiring homeworkers do the work. Academy director Tobias Haupt calls for "a broader profile of requirements and a more complex field of work". Opinion leaders are all kinds of innovations. For new proposals, there is a "goal-ban" (principal), which means that benefits instead of reserves are needed. For example, VfB Stuttgart is experimenting with the combination of virtual reality glasses as part of a young pilot project to train participants in "pre-orientation". An American football quarterback uses this practice because "virtual reality" has long been part of the training routine.

Whether or not transferred to the German professional football, 16 leaders, sports directors and sports leaders of the Bundesliga will soon be on site and will travel to San Francisco in early December. The four-day program of the Academy's first such training tour, which included visits to professional teams from the NFL, NHL and NBA, as well as air tours of the famous Stanford University or Facebook, is so busy, said Professor Haupt, 35, to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. "