Tenant data saved for too long: Berlin punishes Deutsche Wohnen 2

Tenant data saved for too long: Berlin punishes Deutsche Wohnen

Already in March, the state of Berlin determines that Deutsche Wohnen keeps the data of its tenants for too long. But even months after the call to change something, the problem persists. The real estate company must pay dearly now.

The real estate company Deutsche Wohnen has to pay a fine to millions in Berlin. The capital data protection officer issued a fine of € 14.5 million, as the company retains user data for too long. Already in June 2017 it had been established that the company had filed the personal data of tenants in which the data that were no longer needed could not be deleted, said the agency.

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Until an on-site survey in March of this year, despite the fact that the request has not changed status. The sanction decision already issued on October 30 is not yet final, the authority said. The company can still appeal. An opinion of Deutsche Wohnen is not yet available.

The company had deliberately created the structure of the indicted file and processed the data in question for a long time inadmissible, the authority justified the amount of the penalty. Unfortunately, privacy advocates in their supervisory practice "have often encountered such" data cemeteries, "said Berlin Commissioner Maja Smoltczyk. In this case, it is a" blatant violation of data protection principles ".

It is fine depending on the annual turnover

Furthermore, the data protection authorities imposed additional fines between 6000 and 17000 euros for the inadmissible filing of tenants' personal data in 15 specific cases. Deutsche Wohnen is a listed real estate company with over 100,000 apartments in Berlin alone.

To calculate the amount of penalties it was said, among other things, the worldwide sales of the previous year of the company. Deutsche Wohnen SE recorded an annual turnover of over one billion euros for 2018, which means that the fine could have been up to 28 million euros.