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The blue party dissolves by the end of the year

After the Bundestag elections in 2017, Frauke Petry split into the dispute from the AfD. With a new party he tried the new beginning. But now the project has failed.

After the electoral falls in Saxony and Thuringia, the Blue Party wants to dissolve the former head of AFD Frauke Petry until the end of the year. "Our liberal-conservative political offer was clearly rejected by voters both in Saxony and in Thuringia, so it is consistent, albeit painful, to end our project at this point," Petry said in Dresden on Tuesday. The dissolution of the party had been decided over the weekend during a party conference in Döben in Grimma. Previously, the newspaper "Good king News" was talking about it.

For them, in the medium term, the result is a withdrawal from active politics, Petry pointed out. "I hope and wish that in the future other personalities will create a political offer that will find the clear demarcation not only on the left but also on the right socialists." It would be necessary for bourgeois leaders "to find the courage to risk their reputation in public discourse": you must not be like Trump, but you should not be afraid of scratches in the so-called bourgeois lacquer, if you give this country the liberal shock wants to move, of he desperately needs. "

Petry, who was also leader of the party and faction of the AfD in Saxony, had turned his back on his party immediately after the 2017 general election and later founded the Blue Party. At the elections in Saxony on 1 September, the "Blauen" obtained only 0.4 per cent of the second votes, in Thuringia it was 0.1 per cent. According to the newspaper "Good king News", Petry, who in the last few months had made the news, mainly through judicial proceedings, maintained the parliamentary mandate until 2021: "So it was for me, I will be consistent".